How to find a good real estate agent when moving to Miami

Moving to Miami? Congrats! It is absolutely normal to get smitten by its sand beaches and tropical weather all yer long. Also, there is an immense collection of restaurants and places for shopping. We don’t have to mention that Miami is a major center of commerce and international trade. But before you move to this amazing city, you want to find a good real estate agent that will help you with this process.

Tips for finding a reliable real estate agent

Once you have decided to move to Miami, you will need to find a place to live. When you are looking to buy real estate in Miami, you can easily get overwhelmed in the search for a new home. This can be a complicated process for anyone, especially for first-time home buyers. It is such a huge investment that involves a lot of legal procedures, paperwork, and time. That is why you need to find a good real estate agent. There are many tips you can follow to make your search for realtors and a home-buying experience in Miami easier.

  1. Talk with recent clients
  2. Look up the licensing
  3. Select an agent with the right credentials
  4. Find out how long the real estate agent has been in business
  5. Look at current listings
  6. Ask about other houses for sale nearby
A real estate agent will help you find your Miami dream house

You need to find a good real estate agent for your relocation to Miami

Talk with recent clients

Ask agents to provide a list of what they’ve sold in the past year, with contact information. Start reaching out to people the agent has worked with, and before that ask if anyone will be pleased or disappointed. With past clients you would like to know what the asking price was. Then, you would like to know what the sales price was. If you’re selling, ask if the previous properties were similar to yours in price, location and other salient features.

Look up the licensing

Every State has boards that license and discipline real estate agents. Check with your state’s regulatory body to find out if a prospective agent is licensed. Also check if there have been any disciplinary actions or complaints. This information may be posted online.

Select an agent with the right credentials

Real estate agents have specialties, like doctors. The alphabet soup after an agent’s name can be an indication that the person has taken additional classes in a certain category of real estate sales. Here’s what some of the designations mean:

  • CRS (Certified Residential Specialist): Completed additional training in handling residential real estate.
  • ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative): Completed additional education in representing buyers in transactions.
  • SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist): Completed training aimed at helping buyers and sellers in the 50-plus age range.

Find out how long the real estate agent has been in business

A state licensing authority will often be able to tell you how long an agent has been selling real estate. You can also just ask the agent directly. In the end, what you’re looking for is someone who is actively occupied with a particular area and price range. You’ll want an agent to show knowledge of the area and homes in your range. And you’ll want him to demonstrate what kind of market presence they have.

Look at current listings

Check out the agent’s listings online. You should look at the agency’s own website or other official sites which offer a searchable online database of properties in the Multiple Listing Service. Most buyers start their search on the internet, and you want an agent who uses that tool effectively. One of the most important things is an attractive presentation on the web. Look at how closely the agent’s listings mirror the property in Miami you want to buy.

Ask about other houses for sale nearby

good real estate agent should know about other area properties that are available off the top of his head. Tell him about a house in your area that is for sale or it’s sold recently. If the agent knows the property and can give you a few details, that means he or she really knows your area. You want a real estate agent like that, the one who is on top of the market.

Things you should know:

Miami property information

There is a variety of neighborhoods in Miami

Miami luxury real estate

Buying real estate in Miami does not come cheap. The average Miami home sells for $484,500. In the more popular neighborhoods, such as Coral Way and Wynwood-Edgewater, average home prices inch closer to $600,000. In the more upmarket and luxurious neighborhoods, like the Upper East Side and Coconut Grove, the average homes sells for over $1 million. These prices represent a strengthening housing market in the city.

Miami neighborhoods

Luxury real estate in Miami

Coral Gables real estate

Miami has a variety of neighborhoods to choose from. Each one is offering its own unique set of attractions for people with different preferences and needs. Whether you want a high-energy, trendy, relatively child-free neighborhood or a quieter, more family-friendly option with great schools, Miami has the perfect neighborhood to offer. If you’re looking for the Miami luxury real estate, there are plenty of options. Fisher Island, Indian Creek Village, and Coral Gables are just a few of the exclusive upmarket areas in the city.

Living costs

The price of groceries in Miami is comparable to other US cities. A gallon of milk costs about $4, a dozen eggs about $2.60, a pound of apples about $2, a pound of chicken about $4, and a mid-range bottle of wine about $12. As in most other places, restaurant meals cost more. A meal for two costs as much as $60 or more in a mid-range restaurant. Two imported beers will add roughly $11 to the tab. You can expect your morning coffee-house beverage to run about $3.70. As far as utilities, the average bills for a 915-square-foot apartment come at about $178 per month for electricity, heat, water, and garbage service. A 6-Mbps Internet connection with unlimited data costs around $46 per month. Also, most gyms offer monthly memberships for around $50.