How to handle a DIY move from Florida to Mississippi

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Moving on your own from one state to another is never something easy or simple. Especially if you have in mind relocating with your whole family to a new place. Here, you will see how you can handle a DIY move from Florida to Mississippi.

Organize the whole process earlier in order to handle a DIY move from Florida to Mississippi

First of all, you will need to organize absolutely every detail for your move from Florida to Mississippi. We advise you to consult with the rest of your family and do everything together. It would be much easier if you could write down all the important things that you plan to do, like staging your apartment for sale.

Organize everything in order to handle a DIY move from Florida to Mississippi.
Use a notebook and write everything down.

The same goes when the packing process is in question, you should create special checklists for everything. Importantly, if you have in mind buying your first house in Mississippi, then it would be very helpful to write down everything you want to ask your real estate agent.

Prepare a vehicle when moving from Florida to Mississippi

When moving on your own from Florida to Mississippi, you need to prepare your vehicle for you and your family members. It has to be in perfect shape, and clean of course. However, when it comes to transporting your items, you should rent a vehicle or a couple of ones for this purpose.

A truck.
Rent a vehicle for transporting your belongings.

Be informed before relocating to Mississippi

Before you move to Mississippi from Florida with your loved ones, you have all the important info. Try to read more about the climate, geography, education, job opportunities there. In addition, you should learn something more about living costs, people and culture in this state.

Provide packing supplies for a DIY move from Florida to Mississippi

Moreover, you should provide packing supplies for your DIY move from one state to another that are eco-friendly. For example, instead of spending more money on buying new boxes, you can reuse the ones that you already have in your home. However, in case you have nothing that you can make use of, we advise you to rent plastic bins. Importantly, you should protect floors when moving in and moving out. So, when providing packing supplies, try to also find some paper and cardboard for this purpose.

Consider hiring professionals for certain services

Relocating completely on your own from one state to another can be very tiring at the times. Yes, you will save some money if you finish some tasks yourself. However, certain things can be extremely difficult and even dangerous to do without any help. Therefore, you should seriously consider hiring professional help for tasks that are very tiresome. Check out Spyder Moving and see if they have to offer the things that you need.


To sum up, if you really want to handle a DIY move from Florida to Mississippi, then you must follow certain steps. These include good organization, preparation of your vehicle, and renting an additional one for your items. Also, you have to be well informed about Mississippi before you relocate there with your loved ones. Moreover, you should try to use packing materials that are eco-friendly and consider hiring moving experts for some very difficult tasks.