How to move from Miami to Pompano Beach in less than a week

pile of cardboard boxes for a move from Miami to Pompano beach

In an ideal situation, you will have several months of time to prepare for a move. However, sometimes we don’t get the luxury of time. In cases where you need to move in under a week, organizing a move can get very difficult. But, with the right preparations, it isn’t impossible. In order to help with this, we have put together a guide on how to move from Miami to Pompano Beach in less than a week. We hope you find it useful.

Keep a cool head and plan

When planning a move from Miami to Pompano Beach in less than a week, it is incredibly easy to get overwhelmed. So, it is important to take a deep breath and keep a cool head before you start planning. First things first, you need to get a plan in place. Finding movers should be your first step, so you start with then. Then, start packing. It would also be a good idea to make a list of things you need to pack, in order to avoid forgetting to pack something important. Once you have a plan laid out, it’s time to begin.

Man standing in front of whiteboard
The first and most important step of planning a quick move is putting together a solid plan, and following it.

Find movers

Finding movers which are both reliable and affordable can take a while. As such, it is very important to immediately start searching for movers. Contact several local moving companies, and schedule in-home inspections so they can make a good estimate of how much it will cost. Once you have your quotes, compare the prices and make a decision. Because you don’t have too much time, you won’t be able to pick and choose. As soon as you make your choice, call and schedule your move.

Start packing as early as possible

If you’ve ever moved, you will know that packing is, by far, the most time consuming part of the moving process. As such, getting it done as soon as possible is vital when trying to move in less than a week. Here at Real Estate Miami 305 we believe that packing methodically is the best way to do it. Go room by room, and label your boxes based on the room which you pack them in. This way, you won’t forget where your items will go in the new home, and you will know where they are in case you need them. Also, while packing, try to make an inventory list. This will help when hiring movers.

Woman packing for a move from Miami to Pompano beach
Packing takes a lot of time, as such it is important to get it done as soon as possible if you want to move quickly.

Look for more help

If it’s starting to look like you won’t be able to finish your preparations in time, consider asking your friends for help, or hiring professional assistance. If your friends can help you out with your packing, all the better. Or, if you need to store some things at their place before you move out. Or, if you’re intending to do a DIY move (although we don’t recommend, organizing DIY moves can be even more difficult than organizing a regular move) they can help you move your belongings into the new home. Alternatively, if you don’t want to ask your friends for help, you could consider hiring professional packers.

Declutter aggressively

If you want to have any sort of organization in a quick move, you can’t bring much with you. If you want to move in under a week, you will have to purge your belongings aggressively. We know it can be hard to let go of items which hold sentimental value, but it is important to get rid of as much as possible for two reasons. Firstly, it will make the move much easier to organize. Secondly, the less you have to move, the less you will have to pay for the move. Experts from recommend to all of their clients that they should purge their belongings before they move, whether or not they are moving quickly or not.

Woman carrying packed boxes
Decluttering before a move can help a lot with moving costs and organization.

Remember the details

When you have to move from Miami to Pompano beach in less than a week, it can be easy to forget some of the vital details of a move. For example, you should still file a change of address with the post office. Also, you will want to schedule the shut off of your utilities. Water, gas, electricity, internet and so on. Then, you will want to schedule the utilities for your new home, so they are already active by the time you move in. Unfortunately, because you can’t schedule things perfectly, you might have to go a day or two without some utilities.

Get moved

The one thing which doesn’t change when you’re planning a quick move is moving day itself. Remember to set an alarm so you can get up early, and have a decent breakfast. Be ready to greet your movers and help with loading if you have to. Afterwards, maintain communication with your movers in order to avoid any sort of misunderstanding. Don’t relax until you are in your new home and ready to start unpacking. Hopefully, the scheduling will have worked out so that you have your utilities running when you are in your new home, and you can settle into your new home comfortably.

How to move from Miami to Pompano Beach in less than a week – Closing thoughts

Not all moves can be organized in the perfect conditions. In those case, unfortunately, we have to make do with what time we have. However, with the right preparations, a quick move can be just as organized as a regular move. The most important part of organizing a move in less than a week is making a plan and sticking to it. We hope you found this guide to how to move from Miami to Pompano Beach in less than a week helpful, and we wish you luck with your move.