How to pack fragile items for shipping

During the relocation process, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. Just one of them is bad packing! Especially if you are shipping your items. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are shipping your belongings locally or nationwide, it is imperative to prepare them for such a long journey. Which is why you will find all the information you need about how to pack fragile items for shipping in this article!


Gather the supplies before you pack fragile items for shipping

The most important part of packing fragiles is to gather all the necessary supplies you will need along the way. Furthermore, this will only make the shipping easier because you know nothing could go wrong.  Now, to prepare glassware and any other breakable item, you need to gather these supplies:

  • A good, possibly new, sturdy moving box. Sturdy moving boxes or packing cases are essential for safe shipping of breakable items!
  • Duct tape! Regular duct tape is just fine! But, if you encounter bigger and heavier items, you will need reinforced duct tape!
  • A plastic air wrap! These are absolutely perfect for this kind of job! Not only will they prevent any possible cracks and tumbling, but also be a soft pad against the environment!
  • Other packing material. Now to successfully pack fragile items for shipping you will also need other packing materials. Most of the time people use old newspaper or just plain paper! You should do it too! Packing beans are a great help, but they are meant for bigger items!

Now once you finish up on packing fragile, the next step is to send them to their destination! And, to do it properly and without worrying, you need to find a way to hire a good shipping company. Forwarding goods overseas can be simpler if you have professionals by your hand!

Packing supplies needed before you can pack fragile items for shipping

Father your packing supplies before you pack fragile items for shipping

Always use plenty of cushioning

It’s not only about using the air wrap or paper, but also padding the bottom of the box as well! If by any chance you can’t afford air wrap, then get ready to use a lot of paper. Although it’s not that great, it is the next best thing as a perfect alternative! It even costs less than air wrap! Now, follow the next steps in order to ensure the best packing:

  • Always pack the items as tightly as you can. If you do not leave any space for tumbling then you are safe from any possible damages!
  • Newspapers are excellent wrappers! Put some water on to them and wrap them around the item you want to ship! Not only are they well wrapped, but also well protected as well.
  • Old pillows are good for either big or small items Because they are good pads and will easily fill the empty space in the box
  • Sponges, packing beans and paper! Use them to fill out the oddly shaped empty space in the boxes!

Whether or not you pack it yourself, it also very important to hire a company that won’t break your items during transportation. This is why it would probably be the best idea to leave the packing to Four Winds Saudi Arabia since they are already trained professionals!

A sponge

You can use sponges as pads and cushions

Always pack fragile items for shipping correctly!

Once you get the box, you need to make sure the box is not damaged in any way.  The items must not tumble around in the box once it is picked. Next, after you gathered all the supplies, use duct tape and wraps first. Never pop the air wrap bubbles! They are what makes the wrap special for wrapping fragile items!. Use it by putting it around the items and duct taping it in place.  Now, use the other air wrap you have to put another layer of protection on your items. Once you wrap the air wrap around the items, use duct tape to tighten it up. Go with the criss-cross pattern to ensure the best wrapping you can get. Put the old paper and packing beans in the box and spread them accordingly. Now place the item in the box gently in the middle. Make sure there is no empty space in the box that is not filled with something. Have in mind, the item will move during transportation!

bunch of vases

Pack your fragile items correctly or they might break!

Sealing the box 

You will need at least two or more layers of packing tape or duct tape on the bottom side on the box. The last thing you would want is for the bottom part to open and fall apart. This will only result in crashing items into a thousand pieces.  Don’t forget, before sealing the box put more packing peanuts and newspaper on top of the item. Remember not to tape the box too tightly or you risk to break your items! This is just one of the best ways you can pack fragile items for shipping! Don’t forget to tape two layers of duct tape on top as well. More distance the package has to cross, more protection it will need! So do not try to save up on packing material! Use as much as you can, since there is no such thing as too much protection during transport!

A packed box ready for shipping

make sure you double padded the boxes

We hope this guide showed you how to properly pack fragile items for shipping! Make sure you follow this guide if you want to send your items in one piece! If you have something to add up, please feel free to do so in the comment section down below!