How to protect floors when moving in

feet and a wooden floor,

You are done with your move. You have researched all the moving hacks and finished your move problem-free. However, now you are at your new home, and you do not want to do any damage to your new floors. Because you might lose your deposit or it will make your new place look uglier. To help you get your items inside and not bang up your floors. We have tips for you, read our article on how to protect floors when moving in.

The first tip on how to protect floors when moving in is to pack smart

When you have done with your relocation, you do not want to put in new floors because you damaged them. To avoid scratching your floors, you have to pack like a pro, and we have tips for you.

  • To not damage your floors, you will have to do something to not drag stuff on them. To carry everything with no problem and not scrape boxes on your new floors you should only pack boxes up to 20 to 30 pounds. If your boxes are light, you can easily carry them and not damage your floors.
  • Another tip on how to protect floors when moving in is to disassemble as many things as you can and put them in boxes so that you can easily carry them.
  • Make sure to secure the boxes with tape, so they do not break open while carrying them into the house and damage your floors.
a man packing once he finds out how to protct floors when moving in
Pay attention when packing and you won’t damage your floors

Clean everything

To avoid having to do major home remodeling as soon as you move in because of your floors, you should tidy up the place. Arriving before your movers and seeing in what state your new home is should be a must if you want to protect your floors. If your new home is messy, make sure to get everything out of the way so that movers can carry everything in. A clean house will allow movers to do a clean unpacking job, and your floors will stay intact.

The third tip on how to protect floors when moving in is to communicate with your movers

Communication is key to any project, and the same applies when it comes to moving. If you have really good wooden floors in your new home and want them protected – talk to your movers. Explain the situation to them. Tell them that your floors are important to you and you won’t be able to replace them for some time because the move drained your funds. Any good reliable mover will sympathize with your situation and will do anything in their power to get everything in your new home without damaging your floors. If they do a good job, make sure to tip the

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Talking with your movers is how to protect floors when moving in

The end

We hope that our tips on how to protect floors when moving in are helpful to you. Make sure to watch out for things most people forget to pack for the move. Good luck with your relocation.