How to stage a small apartment for sale


Nowadays, whatever you trying to do you need to take an extra step. This is especially visible in the real estate business. It is not enough that you want to sell your small apartment in a good place. It has to be in a good condition and using tricks is desirable. To make it happen, you need to stage a small apartment for sale. You can always do it by yourself or hire professionals.

Raise the price

Selling a small apartment is not an easy job if you want to take a bit more money than it’s actually worth. So you will need to use some staging tricks. You have probably done some home remodeling before. This is not much different. This is not meant to fool someone and sell him something that is not there but to make it more appealing to the eye than it is. Well-chosen furniture layout and carefully styling, you can achieve a dramatic impact on buyer’s perception of value and its eventual sale result. Do it in a few steps:

  • Simplify your living space
  • Use neutral colors and the 80:20 rule
  • Make your sofa avoid the eye
  • Mirrors

Beauty is in simple things

Make your buyer’s first view clearly defined with living space. More visual floor space makes the area feel larger. It would be better if you remove collectibles you so proudly gathered, small frames with the pictures, vases, sculptures. When you want to stage a small apartment for sale, only the essentials should be visible. Use the furniture to recreate a real-life with a TV cabinet, coffee table, sofa.   

Pollows on the bed
Make it simple

Neutral and safe

Natural and lite colors will attract more buyers. It gives the illusion of a large space. Any dark wall in the apartment? Make it light. Even the furniture needs to be in the light and neutral colors. You can add furniture in bright colors to make it funnier and less uniform. Play with bright colors with cushions, smaller furniture items, and some accessories. 

No need for a sofa when you need to stage a small apartment for sale

If you are capable of doing it, get your sofa the same color as the wall that is behind it. When buyers come to see the apartment, they will not spend a lot of time, so the eye won’t catch it. It will feel larger; it will seem there is more floor space. With less contrast, the eye will go faster through the room, and won’t catch details, unless those we wanted it to catch. Every staging expert will advise you like this.

Play with colors

Mirrors, mirrors on the wall

Mirrors are a great addition to small spaces since they amplify the available light and space to make that expansive feeling. Also consider adding some other reflective elements like mirrored bedside tables, or crystal, and glass accessories. Large mirrors can make a big difference in your home. Smaller rooms such as the entrance and the bathroom are just the places for this. Purchasing a new mirror could be a worthwhile investment. They can make the illusion that the room doubles in space.

When you are using these professional tricks to stage a small apartment for sale, you can’t go wrong. Don’t be afraid and use your imagination and creativity. The better you do it, the faster you will sell your place, and that is the goal.