Best countries to invest in real estate overseas

A map of countries where to invest in real estate overseas

You are considering investing in property and real estate? The USA is not your target area, you want to go abroad and invest somewhere else. When you invest in real estate overseas, it has many pros, cons, and paperwork too. The first thing to choose is a location, that is the most important factor. After that, you will know what documents are required and how much money you need. Some countries have better terms for investors than others.

How to invest in real estate overseas?

It is not simple to find and invest your money in real estate overseas. You must have a good foundation to take this big step.

  • You definitely need a local professional to help you decide where to invest. Local real estate agents have all the information. Also, you will need a local attorney.
  • Make sure what is included in the price you are paying. For example, when moving to Hong Kong from America there are many differences in buying a property.
  • How much are the fees for a visa? Each country has different costs of visa and entering the country.
  • Research law, rules, and regulations in the country you want to invest in. Common law and civil law are not the same.
  • Consult with a tax professional in your country and in the country where you will invest, especially if planning a business relocation.

To make a good deal for real estate, you should have professional help from local attorneys and agents too

Benefits of investing in overseas real estate

Why invest in real estate overseas instead of in the USA? What benefits you will have after investing?

  • Internationalizing your portfolio
  • Higher returns if you don’t invest in developed states
  • It may help you protect your assets
  • Investing in real estate overseas is a form of government insurance
  • It is beneficial for your taxes
  • After you invest in real estate overseas, you will diversify your life

Move to the country where you will invest

The best option is to move to a country where you will invest money in real estate. You can move for good or for a year or two, to research the market and properties. If you want to start or expand business there, moving is part of the process.

House keys

The best option is to move to the country and to explore it better before investing

Many Americans invest in real estate overseas, Asia and Europe are continents where Americans invest a lot. If it is your call to move to Asia and start a new life there, hiring a moving company is a step you don’t want to skip. is one of the movers you can consider hiring for your big move.

Top overseas countries to invest in real estate

Location is one of the most important things when investing in real estate, especially if it is for business. So, where to invest and to spend your money. If you chose right and if you have a little luck, it will pay off. Some of the countries that are a good option for investing are listed below.

World map

Europe, Asia, or South America? Where to invest and have a big profit?


Panama has agricultural opportunities as well as plenty of apartments for rent. If you have enough money, you can invest in a building with rental apartments, for example. Panama City is one of the perfect places for buyers and investors. Yields are lower than previous years, but they re still strong enough. If you want to invest in Panama, hurry, because prices will be higher in the future.


It is not actually “overseas” for North American, but will it is far away from the USA. Fortaleza area is a place in Brazil where investors want to spend their money. If you do want to invest here, choose the coastal region because of tourists. If you invest well, returns can reach 20%.


Real estate prices in the capital of Portugal are very high. But, you can find areas that haven’t yet been fully re-gentrified and invest there. With renovation projects, your profit may be high. In Portugal, it is a better option (in a financial way) to buy un-finished real estate and to renovate it, than to but ready and fully finished property.


This part of Asia deserves a lot of attention for many reasons, but two main ones are the strong economy and tourism industry too. Not only it is a popular country for North American investors, but also, many people love to move to China, Japan, Thailand and to experience a new life. There are professionals you can call before moving abroad to help you with relocating.

But, when it comes to investing in Thailand, you as a foreigner, will be able just to own the land leasehold. Investors put their focus on the condo market because they are permitted to own 49% of total condo building.


Tourism and real estate market is growing in Belize, that’s why it is one of the places where investors want to invest, especially in 2020. Belize is often underestimated Carribean island, and you should be one of the firsts to invest in rental apartments. Cayo District has affordable homes that can be found for 100,000 U.S. dollars. The hotels in Belize grew by about 15% last year. Hire a real estate agent in Belize and get all the info about the market there.


A small country in Europe that has a stronger real estate market than before. It has historical places, many tourists each year during the summer months, and beautiful beaches too. Before, most of the tourists were Serbians and Russians, but nowadays, Westerns tourists can be found there too. For example, prices in Kotor raised quickly. To invest in real estate overseas, researching is a key that’s why you should visit Montenegro and its cities.