Items that require climate controlled storage

Storage units with colorful doors.

Reasons for using a storage unit can be various. There are plenty of them, and no matter what yours is, you still need to rethink everything and make a good decision. People assume that storing belongings is very easy and all it takes is to place things inside an empty room. Well, it is for sure not like that. First, you need to know what kind of belongings you are storing. There are certain items that need to be placed in a climate controlled storage if you don’t want them to be damaged. Figure out which items you can place in what storage before you even decide to purchase or rent one. Only after that you can focus and worry about how much money you need for everything. But first, figure out what is the best solution for you and what your belongings need.

Furniture requires climate controlled storage

Even though not many people knew this, storing furniture is not simple as it might seem. To be able to save furniture and have it in the same condition, you need to put it in storage with climate control. Yes, storing it in storage where you don’t have control of the temperature and humidity can be very bad for your furniture. Especially since furniture is mostly made of wood, and you probably know how easy it is for wood to get damaged. Especially if it is old. Even if you have furniture elements that are metal and with some fabric, they are still easy to catch serious damage if you keep them at a constant temperature over time. Or even humidity fluctuation.

Keeping furniture over warm days and in the summer season in regular storage would be a disaster. Even if it is not on the sun directly, temperatures are very high and humidity as well. The same is in the winter months. Prevent your furniture from freezing and inquiring other damage by keeping your pieces in a proper storage unit. Discuss this with State To State Move professionals or any other that can provide such storage. Professionals can, without a doubt, tell you what your best options are.

Items stored in a climate controlled storage.
Depending on the items you have for storing you will decide if you need climate controlled storage or not.

Electronics are very fragile and dangerous to keep just anywhere

Electronics are usually made of metal and some plastic materials. And they have lots of wires inside. With that information, you are probably well aware of why they need to be in proper storage in addition to surviving until the next time you need them and want to use them. There are both pros and cons of storing such items, so you better be aware of both. It is not very often that people leave their electronics for some period of time under a lock, but if you have to do it, make sure you make it right, so you don’t damage them.

Medical supplies and cosmetics

When it comes to storing cosmetics and medical supplies, there are a couple of things you need to know. Not only must they be in storage with climate control, but you can only store them for a very short period of time. Using cosmetics after the expiration date is very dangerous for your skin. And it is even worse for medical supplies. So think again if you really need and want to store this. You can, but you need to be extra careful. It is, however, not recommended. A better option is always to use these products and things before the expiry date or simply donate them instead.

Medical supplies and a mask.
Medical supplies can only be only stored short term.

Art, antiques, and other fragile items need special storage conditions too

Most of the antiques are wooden and other materials that are very sensitive when it comes to storing them. So that makes antiques one of the items that must be under climate control. The same goes for art. No matter if it is fresh and new or if this is a piece of painting from a very long time ago, you still need to store it properly and keep an eye on it. Keep in mind that these things are also very valuable, and destroying them might cost you a lot. To prevent this from happening, there is no need to risk it. When you are planning a family move with minimal disruption, you need to find a solution for the items that you want in storage.

Climate controlled storage is needed for plastic, paper, and wax materials

Some materials, such as paper, wax, or plastic, can never survive in a regular storage unit. It has to be in storage where you control the climate. Wax, plastic, and even vinyl are soft materials that cannot survive long if they are in a constant temperature. It doesn’t matter if it is too cold or too warm; your DVDs, vinyl records, or some wax figures won’t survive it. The same is for paper. No matter if this is some documents we are talking about or your favorite books, if you keep them in a warm room where humidity is high, moisture will cause damage. Or even if there is not enough fresh air.

Vinyl records in cover.
Vinyl records are also sensitive when stored.

You have to pack these items properly

As you have noticed by now, there are plenty of items and materials that require climate controlled storage. However, just renting or buying such storage won’t be enough. You need to know how to pack each one of them properly. If you don’t pack them as you should, the storage is useless. So, make sure to either hire professionals to pack these things or learn how to do it yourself. It is not difficult, but you need to be very careful and patient. Also, prepare all the supplies you will need on time, so you don’t have to stop in the middle of the process.