Japanese style houses popular in America

Asian style wall decorations

Recently, in America, houses built in the Japanese style have become more and more popular. What is it exactly that makes this particular style of housing popular? We hope to answer this today, by going through what made Japanese style houses so popular in the first place.


First and foremost, Japanese style homes are famous for their adaptability. One room, in a Japanese home, serves as a living room, bedroom, study or dining room over the course of a single day. Meanwhile houses of western design have clearly defined rooms for their own purpose. As such, a Japanese home can be much smaller while retaining the same functionality. This makes it much easier to choose the location of your new home, since you don’t have to worry about size restraints so much.

Spacious room with Japanese style decorations
Japanese style homes are both spacious and adaptable.

Minimalistic detail

Another defining trait of a Japanese home are minimalistic decorations. They avoid cluttering their homes with needless amounts of decorations and instead rely on simplistic decorations which are mostly hanged on walls. Wall panels, decorative fans, scroll paintings. Wall hanged decorations. If you are interested in buying any such decorations and having them delivered to your home, you can get everything you need online, and have it shipped to you without any issues.

Japanese architecture

Japanese buildings are defined by simple, wood-framed buildings. Usually slightly elevated above the ground, and the roofs usually have tiles. This simple but effective design is part of the reason they are so popular in America. The interior is the same: rooms are shaped simply, and can further by customized by room dividers. Although, if you plan into moving into one of these you should how to protect floors when moving in.

Japanese style window
Japanese architecture is sleep and simple, which makes it very easy to fit into modern aesthetics.

The most popular Japanese inspired homes

Now that we’ve talked about what makes Japanese homes so popular, what are the most popular Japanese home designs in America? Well, to start with: the Japanese-style open plan modern home is very popular due to it’s customizability. Although, experts from Kokusai Express Japan note that you should only use original Japanese wall dividers. The Azumi, which is a Zen-style home, is very popular with people looking for simple and effective designs. The Asian-inspired home with a stainless steel kitchen is particularly popular with the young. Finally, the Asian-inspired house with high-end finishes has been becoming more and more popular.

Japanese style houses popular in America – Wrap Up

Asian designs have been more and more popular in America recently. Their sleek, simple designs are easy to fit into a modern aesthetic, and as such have been increasingly used in modern buildings. But, only you can decide if this is the right type of home for you. And if you decide to move to one such home, you should know how to prepare your car for moving. We hope you found this guide to Japanese style houses popular in America helpful, and we wish you luck with your move.