Japanese vs. American culture – what’s your favorite?

Japan is without a doubt one of the most developed countries in the world in every possible aspect. It’s no wonder you decided to try your luck there or you’re just going through your options. The Japanese vs. American culture phenomena is really an interesting one since Japan is highly influenced by the West. Nonetheless, the Japanese have not succumbed completely to this influence and have managed to conserve their authenticity and their unique identity. Moreover, if you are thinking about relocating to Japan in near future, you will find this information even more useful. Let’s jump right into this topic and see which culture would prevail if you had to choose between the US and Japan!

flowers with the american flag

What do you prefer: the Japanese or the American way of life?

Getting to know the Japanese culture through moving to Japan

There is absolutely no better way of experiencing another culture than by totally immersing into it. That’s right, we’re talking about moving to Japan. There’s a high chance you’re already planning the trip. We’re here to leave a friendly reminder that you should definitely take into account hiring a reputable moving company such as ksemoving.com¬†and have all the time you need to explore Japanese vs. American habits and traditions. Letting the experts take care of your international relocation also puts you in a better position when it comes to tackling all the other issues that emerge during this period.

It is going to be formal!

The thing with contrasting cultures is that you can’t escape generalizing. When you talk about a certain culture, you have to consider it as a whole. It would take ages to go through individual experiences and draw more trustworthy conclusions. So yes, generally speaking, Japanese tend to act more formally than the Americans, which you can see for instance in the field of customer service. American waiters are more likely to ask you if everything is alright if you liked the food, and such, whereas the Japanese are prone to a bit “colder” approach. Fun fact: tipping in Japan is rare and in some cases, they consider it rude. They also cherish their space and will maintain a distance when talking to you, frequently using honorifics when speaking.

a Japanese man in a suit with a light smile

Formal, but kind!

Japanese vs. American – learn a bit more

Needless to say, having a coffee or a sandwich on the go is a common habit amongst the North American people. After all, fast food was invented in the United States. However, in Japan, this is a huge no-no. Eating or drinking while using the public transportation or just walking down the street is considered disrespectful in Japan. It will be quite an adventure looking for a street food vendor. It is by far one of the biggest differences between these two countries.

For Japanese, a meal is something you need to dedicate your time and attention, a little ritual that requires comfort as well. But this is not just about enjoying your food in quiet. When societal differences are this ample, sometimes it’s good to read a bit about tips on overcoming moving anxiety.

Japanese vs. American food sushi

The Japanese vs. American? What’s your favorite?

Personal and public hygiene in Japan and in the US

In the Japanese capital, it is quite rare to find a trash can in public. Still, this doesn’t allow you to just get rid of the things you don’t need whenever and however you feel like. It’s not just throwing and recycling. No matter how inconvenient this may seem to a Westerner this is how Japan keeps its cities clean. Also, the Japanese are extremely environmentally conscientious so it is inconceivable for them to litter insolently.

Japanese vs. American culture: collectivist versus individualistic culture

Unlike in the United States, Japanese people are more focused on the communities. You don’t seek for pride and sense of belonging exclusively in yourself but in the groups. In the United States what counts is the personal accomplishment, a fruit of their own aspirations. To give you a precise example, a Japanese tends to work for one company their entire life because business loyalty is highly cherished. On the other hand, Americans value their careers independently from the company they work for. As a matter of fact, they will change a number of companies throughout their professional voyage in order to enrich their CVs. So Japan is all about seniority, whereas Americans value merit. This goes beyond the simple work ethics, it influences considerably the mindset of the people. This way we can understand how Japanese have the collective environmental conscience.

Settling in Japan: moving to the land of the rising sun

No matter how much time you spend gathering information on differences between Japan and the US, nothing can replace the real experience. International relocation experts will provide you with a plethora of complementary services which will facilitate your move to the land of the Rising Sun. Whether you need to send your belongings to Japan in advance, warehousing or customs clearance information, you can find anything you need in one place. Japanese vs. American contrast will definitely enhance your life quality, you will sharpen your sense of empathy and understanding the others and have an overall memorable experience.