List of items movers will not move overseas

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You were racking your brain about¬†how to find the right moving crew, and you finally got them. Hiring movers for your international relocation is a no-brainer. By having movers, you will get many benefits, and your move will go more smoothly. However, relocation experts are not the end of all your problems. There are items that they won’t move overseas. To help you know what things you can move overseas, we have a list of items movers will not move overseas.

Plants are first on our list of items movers will not move overseas

You thought that you could move your plants no problem. However, that is not the case, let’s get into reasons why:

  • Plants are on the list of items movers will not move overseas is because they are easily perishable. Most house plants won’t survive the move because they have to be in boxes. While in moving boxes, plants can not get enough sun and will wither away. Movers won’t take items that will not survive the trip because they do not want trouble with their clients.
  • The second reason why movers won’t transport any plants is that it might be illegal. Most people think that they can carry their plants out of the country. However, this is a long process that requires time and money. First, you need to check if you can transport your plants into the country you are relocating to. You can check if you can transport your plants with the countries embassy. Then you have to get the proper documentation. And finally, your plants might have to be quarantined on the border before they can go in. 
an image of plants in pots
You can not transport all of your plants internationally.

Movers want to avoid all that hassle, and that is why they do not transport plants. You can always donate your plants to your friends. But if you require to work with skilled and certified teams, we have a significant database of international movers. We can find international movers that will meet your every need. 

Movers won’t transfer family heirlooms internationally 

The second items movers won’t transfer overseas are precious family heirlooms. Items that have been in your family’s possession for years are a tricky story for movers. They can not be sure that they will survive the relocation. Glass items are the most dangerous for movers, and if the items broke, it would be a huge loss for their clients. So, movers refuse to move unreplaceable items. Your best option is to bring them with you. However, if you have big furniture that has been in your family for generations, you should leave it with other family members. When you finally get to your new place, make sure to protect your floors when moving in

Foods are third on our list of items movers will not move overseas

If you have ever read any moving guide, you will find out that many of them recommend cleaning out your fridge before you relocate. Here is why: 

  • The first reason movers won’t move foods is that they will 100% get spoiled during an international relocation. If you want to transfer food overseas, you will need to hire a logistic service that provides cooling for your food. Now, do you think it’s worth paying for a logistic service to transport some items out of your fridge? Eat your food before you move, and if you can, pack some with you and eat them during the trip.
  • The second reason why movers won’t relocate foods is that they can get messy. As foods spoil, they will start to smell and leak thru the moving boxes. Movers will then have to pay money to get their trucks cleaned. 

Clean out your fridge before an international relocation. If you can not eat your food, donate it. But if you need help transporting regular items internationally, Best Movers in Florida can help. They have information on tons of international moving companies and can recommend the best ones for your relocation needs. 

Any medicine and medical equipment

It may come as a surprise. But medicine and medical equipment can not be transported by movers. Here are the reasons why: 

  • The first reason movers won’t transport your medicine is simple, they do not want to lose it. Medication is small and easily lost, especially if you are moving internationally, where there are many things to keep track off.  
  • The second reason relocation companies won’t transport medication is because of the laws. For example, you might get your medicine over the counter. However, a doctor might prescribe that medication in the county you are moving to. So to avoid any legal trouble movers, refuse to move medicine. If you want to take your medication, do the same as you did with the plants. Check with the country’s embassy. 
person taking medication
Medications are fourth on our list of items movers will not move overseas because of legality.

Documents are fifth on our list of items movers will not move overseas

Documents like your ID, birth certificate, passport movers won’t move. Movers won’t move documentation because it is difficult to get new ones and do not want the responsibility. Imagen, you give your sensitive documents to movers, and they lose them, and you have just moved to a foreign country. How much trouble will the moving company be in, and most importantly, how long will it take to get new ones? To not cause any difficulties for the moving company and yourself, bring your documents in a briefcase with you and be mindful of them – so you do not lose them. 

a brown briefcase
Carry your documents in a briefcase with you, and you won’t lose them.

The end 

We hope that our list of items movers will not move overseas will help you avoid any misunderstanding with international movers in the future. Before moving overseas, you might want to read tips for choosing the location of your new home. By finding out how to pick your new place, you will live most comfortably. Good luck!