Long distance relocation to Florida – why you need professional movers?

man packing fragile boxes

So, you’ve decided to move to the Sunshine State and have the best beaches in the country at your disposal? Congratulations! Now the only thing that’s separating you from paradise is the moving process. After you’ve made the decision to relocate, chances are you started ruminating about moving options:  DIY move or hiring professionals? You may be trying to figure out if hiring help will be cost-efficient or if it will drain your bank account? We bring you good news, so keep on reading to see why you need professional movers, especially for a long-distance relocation.

Professionals know better

Disassembling furniture without equipment is a risky business. Better leave it to the professionals!

Wondering why you need professional movers? Imagine that you have decided to move by yourself: Can there be anything worse than moving furniture down the stairs? Even if your friends help you out it’s no guarantee that the move will be any more successful. Why? The answer is simple – you don’t have the relocation equipment. Without it, dismantling furniture can turn into a frustrating disaster. To avoid such occurrences, pick the right kind of moving assistance for your relocation. This is especially important if you have large, valuable items such as a piano, which will require special preparation. Professional movers are efficient, well-trained, and skilled to handle any situation as they’ve seen them all before. Once a mover sees your belongings, he will be able to pick the right truck and equipment to move it safely.

Another reason why you need professional movers is their knowledge of the area. Unlike you, they will know how to utilize the most efficient routes and avoid heavy traffic, saving you time and money. Local movers also know the best parking spaces for their trucks, which will come in handy in areas of Florida where parking is limited. That’s why hiring local assistance for your North Miami move is a must.

Save money and time

Apart from the actual moving, loading and unloading, there are many other things that need to be done on moving day. To give you a general idea, some of them include setting up the utility or cable service or preparing your new apartment for the move. Hiring the professionals takes the burden of moving away, so you can concentrate on other important tasks. Not to mention that the moving crew will be much faster with the whole process and finish in record time. Doing the same job by yourself might set you back a couple of extra days.

On the other hand, there is the money issue. A lot of homeowners are put off by the cost of hiring movers. However, if you think about it, it’s worth the expense. Think of gas, food, last-minute changes – you can skip all this and speed up the process simply by hiring help. In the long run, hiring professionals will actually help you save money when moving. Considering that you’re moving long-distance, moving help is definitely worth spending some extra bucks on.


man struggling with boxes, picture showing why you need professional movers

Risk of injury is one of the reasons why you need professional movers.

No matter how strong you are, moving heavy items is simply not a one-person job. Not to mention that you could seriously injure your back – after all, you want to move to your apartment, not to the ER. Even with your friends’ help, moving can prove to be more than complicated without the right qualifications and equipment. When thinking about why you need professional movers, remember that they have the technical know-how.

Apart from your own safety, you risk breaking your valuables as well. On the other hand, if a mover breaks or damages an expensive item, guess what? His insurance covers it, thus your belongings are much safer when moved in this way. We strongly recommend movers if you have a lot of fragile items, such as glassware. In that case, you might even want to consider paying extra for packing services, just to be on the safe side.

Speaking of safety, in case you want to store your items away for future use, your movers might have a solution. Just ask them for affordable storage options – many moving companies even have their own storage facility. If you’re lucky, you might score a deal if you choose both services!

Eliminate stress

insurance policy paper

If you have insurance, then your peace of mind is guaranteed during the moving process.

When you hire a moving company, you’ve hired the professionals. This means that you won’t have to worry much during your move. Plus, you shift accountability to them, so if anything goes wrong, insurance will cover the damage. Speaking of damage, reputable movers are far less likely to break your items than you or your friends. They are trained on how to properly pack, load and unload items as well as to make it to your destination safely. Relocation assistance when moving to Florida from NYC or other far-away destination is crucial.

Try to imagine yourself on the road for more than 16 hours? It’s not exactly a walk (or, in this case, a ride) in the park, wouldn’t you agree? And when you add hotel rooms and weather changes into the equation, things get even more complicated. Trust us, you’ll be glad to have someone skilled take care of the move for you. Avoid stress when moving and invest your energy into organizing your new home instead.

Still wondering why you need professional movers?

Are you not convinced yet? Here are a couple more reasons why you need professional movers for your long distance relocation to Florida:

  • Taking inventory – Does the process of taking inventory feel like a daunting task? Then why not let the moving company do it for you? It will simplify the unpacking process since you’ll have a list of all your belongings to turn to.
  • Insurance – We’ve already brushed past this topic, but it’s worth mentioning it again. When you hire movers, your belongings will be covered in case of damage or loss. What’s more relieving than shifting responsibility to someone else, right?
  • No hidden costs – Movers will provide you with a detailed list of what you will pay so there won’t be surprises.

Do not prolong the process of moving to your Florida home more than it is necessary – hire professionals and enjoy the sunny beaches in record time!