Miami family living in NJ – their advice to newcomers

a Miami family living in NJ walking down the street.

When moving to a new place, every piece of information from an experienced local is very valuable. This is particularly important when you’re moving with your family. If there’s a way to reduce moving stress, choose a better location, and get a better deal for your new house – you want to know that. Luckily, this article will be helpful for those planning a move to New Jersey. A Miami family living in NJ wants to share their experience and tell their advice to newcomers that are about to go through the same thing.

Renew your wardrobe

If you’re about to be a Miami family living in NJ, you will need to update your family’s wardrobe. When living in Miami, you aren’t supposed to worry about blizzards and snowstorms, but that’s about to change when moving to this part of the country. Even though New Jersey’s weather has some advantages, too, be sure to prepare some warm clothes, rain boots, and other winter accessories.

Washington bridge in New Jersey
New Jersey’s climate offers some good and sunny days, but be sure to prepare for wintertime.

Don’t leave your emergency plan

Even though Miami has it’s own climate problems like hurricanes, New Jersey experiences power outages due to heavy blizzards. Therefore, be sure to keep your emergency plan even after the move. As a newcomer, this may come as a shock, while the locals are already used to it. It’s advisable to have an emergency kit, water supplies, and solar charger, as well as some heater, and keep them in a secure place in your home. If you don’t have enough space in your house, get a secure space for all your stuff while living in NJ. Packing all the items you don’t need often in a storage unit is a space-saving option that will make the organization of a family house a lot easier.

Make the move as smooth as possible

As a family that already moved such a long distance, the most important advice for newcomers is related to the moving process. Taking care of your family, packing the entire house, and arriving safely to NJ is a lot to deal with. That’s why hiring is important, as you will have someone to rely on and not worry about the safety of your belongings.

Pack light

Apart from some valuables and important documents and memories, everything is replaceable. Consider decluttering your family home before you start packing. Get rid of all the unnecessary, damaged, outgrown times, or things you can easily repurchase after moving to NJ. This will help you pack and unpack faster, and also save some money when calculating your moving budget.

Jersey City is place where a Miami family living in NJ should move to.
Jersey City is one of the top choices for a Miami family living in NJ

Buy a home wisely

If you plan on buying a home in NJ, be sure to be ready for this step. As NJ real estate values are on the expensive side, make sure you know your budget and how much you can afford. Pick a location that suits your family’s needs, but also be careful about the size. If your family will grow in the future, consider that when picking your new home sweet home in New Jersey.