Where are millennials in Florida moving?

Millennials, the young workforce of the world, are very important for the economy of the US. Being from 25 to 39, they’re looking for a life with the right balance between work and fun. Known for being skilled with tech, they usually move to big cities, so that they can use the opportunities this environment offers. And cities in Florida have all that it takes for millennials to have a great life – great job opportunities, fancy bars, great restaurants, options for outdoor activities, etc. But, the question is, where are millennials in Florida moving? Read on and you’ll get the answer you need.

Where are millennials in Florida moving? Miami?

There’s no doubt that Miami was the first place that came to your mind when you started reading this. But it’s because this is the most developed area in the state. It offers all the opportunities, amenities, and other conditions that make the lives of millennials great. Who wouldn’t have to have the beaches, palm trees, great nightlife, and parties, while having business centers and amazing job opportunities at the same time? However, it’s up to millennials to find the perfect balance between having fun and working in Miami.

Miami, bridge.

Who wouldn’t move to Miami?

Orlando is unsurprisingly one of the popular choices for millennials

While theme parks are great, there’s more to Orlando. With the growing economy, amazing nightlife, bars, and restaurants, there are a lot of reasons for millennials to move here. And being at the time of life when many of them are starting to think about raising families, it’s important that the median home price in Orlando is significantly lower than in Miami. And there are plenty of great neighborhoods to choose from, depending on what you want.


One the other hand, Orlando is a place many people move out from, just like millennials. This generation is in the next stage. With the oldest of them being 39, a lot of millennials want to start having kids. And they’d like to get out of the cities so they could raise their kids in the suburbs. They choose destinations like Lakewood Ranch, that will fulfill all their needs for the mix of urban and suburbia.

The perfect mix

If possible, Millennials would live in the suburb that still has the elements of an urban environment. These “hipsturbias,” if you will have the elements that will give suburbs an urban twist, like cafes, craft breweries, and centers with employees that look like the centers you can see in urban environments. While Lakewood Ranch is one of the locations that provide these things, you can find even more locations like this one. And it’s always good to know that whichever location you choose, moving to different parts of the state is something to look forward to, with the right help by your side.

Hallandale Beach is a serious contender

This small beach town is one of the places to consider. While people would think to come here for their vacation, the question is, why not enjoy this place a whole year long. Living close to a beautiful beach can hardly be a problem for anyone, not just for a millennial. Also, just because it’s peaceful and quiet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find the opportunities you need a place like this one. And you don’t have to worry about finding a good moving company since you can find movers who move anywhere in the country here at bestcrosscountrymovers.com.

Tampa is becoming a large metropolitan area

Would millennials in Florida move to Tampa? After all, it’s not that big and metropolitan city, like Miami, for example. But does that mean that Tampa doesn’t have something to offer? Absolutely not, just the contrary. Here are some of the reasons why millennials are moving here:

  • Tampa’s got that special, unique vibe that it’s famous for
  • It’s becoming more and more developed
  • Almost every day, there are more venues being opened
  • It offers the best of both worlds, urban and suburban
  • There are more and more business opportunities here

Tampa is just like the places where millennials in Florida seem to be moving lately. Just in the middle, between a suburb and an urban area, it’s got everything that millennials need or are going to need very soon in their life.

Tampa Bay.

Tampa’s got the best of both worlds

Are the millennials in Florida moving to Forth Lauderdale?

There is a reason why so many people decide to move here. The city with 23 miles of beaches to offer and a lot more. Retail, restaurants, nightlife, anything that a person needs for a fun and fulfilling life. In addition to this, Miami is less than 30 miles away from here, so you can just sit in your car and be in Miami in no time. But, it’s not like you’ll have the need to go there since Fort Lauderdale is such a great place. Not a lot of people could say they wouldn’t want to live on the beach. So if you do decide to take this step, check out these simple home improvements that will add value to your beach house.

Fort Lauderdale beach.

Doesn’t look too bad

How to choose?

So, where are millennials in Florida moving? While you can check out these facts about millennial real estate trends to find out what this generation is doing, this is the choice that eventually, is only yours to make. It’s a big choice, but it all comes down to you and what you want. This list has more urban locations, peaceful places, and those in between. And each of them will be a good choice. But, to know for sure, visit a couple of these places and stay there for a few days. Imagine what it would be like to go to work, raise kids, to spend your free time. And only then make a decision, which will hopefully be the right one!