Most walkable neighborhoods in Orlando

two women walking, read about the most walkable neighborhoods in Orlando

Many people visit Orlando each year because of its theme parks. But you want to settle down in the city and start a new part of your life there. Orlando has a lot to offer, and you will only get to see it if you move there. Miami Real Estate Discoverer will tell you about the most walkable neighborhoods in Orlando. These areas of Orlando will make you fall in love with the city

Why choose Orlando as your new home 

Before we get into the areas you should check out in Orlando, let’s see the benefits of this city. 

  • The first benefit of Orlando is the weather. Orlando is sunny 90% of the year. The average temperature is around 60 degrees. And the worst weather you can experience in Orlando is rain showers. 
  • The second reason to move to Orlando is affordability. The cost of living in Orlando is only 2% more expensive than the average in Florida. You will only have to pay a little more to get more activities and job opportunities. 
  • Housing is affordable compared to other bigger cities. The median home cost in Orlando is 294,400 dollars which is close to Florida’s average. So you should prepare your Florida home for sale and buy in Orlando because its value will increase over time. And if you do not want to buy, renting will cost you around 500 and 2000 dollars. 
  • Come to Orlando because it is great for people looking to open a business. Because Orlando is a big tourist destination, many people visit the city each year which is great for companies. You will not only have a chance to get local customers, but you will have even more business during the tourist season. 
  • Finally, move to Orlando for a good education. Orlando has well-rated public and private schools. But the crowning jewel of Orlando’s education system is the University of Central Florida. 

people talking pictures
When tourists arrive in Orlando, the city comes to life, and your business can profit from them.

If you like the perks of Orlando, settle in with ease with help from local movers. Because of their knowledge of the area, you will be there quickly. 

Most walkable neighborhoods in Orlando – South Eola

One of the most walkable neighborhoods in Orlando you should check out is South Eola. South Eola is close to Downtown Orlando and has around 2,500 residents. The homes in the area are more expensive than the Orlando average. It will cost you around 400,000 dollars to buy a home in South Eola. And if you can not afford to buy a home, the average cost of rent is around 1500 dollars.  

South Eola is good for young professionals working on their carrier in Orlando. The area has many restaurants and clubs which you can reach by foot. And if you do not have to, you do not need to leave the neighborhood. 

 But what makes this neighborhood different from the others in Orlando is Lake Eola. Lake Eola is the favorite spot for many people in the area, where they go for a run or a relaxing walk. If you like what South Eola can offer you, look for movers to get you there. If you can not find a reliable moving company, check out and see if they can meet your relocation needs. 

a lake near buildings
Move to South Eola because Lake Eola is one of the most beautiful walking areas in Orlando.

Most walkable neighborhoods in Orlando – Central Business District

Another area in Downton Orlando is the Central Business District

The homes in the Central Business District are not as costly as in South Eola. The prices of homes in the neighborhood are around 300,000 dollars. If you were to rent in the area, it would cost you around 1500 to 2000 dollars. 

Newcomers to Orlando come there because of work, and you will probably work in the Central Business District. If you have a place there, you will not have to commute to work. But the neighborhood is not only business. There are also a lot of cultural and art events. If you want to catch a live show, you will not g wrong by visiting the Cow Theater and Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. But the neighborhood comes to life during the Immerse Arts Festival. Sponsored by the Downtown Arts District, the festival takes up ten city blocks. There you can see live performances and a lot of new art. 

High rise buildings
The Business District is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Orlando because you do not have to leave it for anything.

Tips on moving to Orlando 

Now that you know what are the most walkable areas in the city. Let’s quickly talk about how to relocate there. 

  • First, you should do on your relocation is set the moving day and plan everything around it.
  • Second, give yourself at least two months to execute the move. If you start early, you will not have to worry about time, making the whole process smoother and less stressful. 
  • Third, do not even try to complete the move without getting movers to help you. Many moving tasks you can complete yourself without any professional help. But you will need movers to help you with the transportation. To find good movers, you should read about the top movers in Florida
  • Fourth, to not misplace any of your items, make a list of them. Making a list will not protect you from losing your items during transportation. When you finally unpack, you will see if anything is missing, and you can replace it. But if you have good movers by your side, you will not have to worry about it. 
  • Finally, you should get rid of some of your items. Decluttering is the best way to lower your moving costs and make moving less difficult. 


If you do not like our list of the most walkable neighborhoods in Orlando, you can explore the city yourself. But no matter where you move to Orlando, you will lead a satisfying life.