How to move and store paintings

a painting with a fox in the center because it is important to know how to move and store paintings

During the relocation process, the safety of your belongings comes first. Especially, if you have some items which are fragile. In the case when you need to move and store paintings, good organization and preparation are necessary. Firstly, you must protect them in the right way. After that, choosing the right moving assistance is the next thing for this type of relocation. The last thing is to find a storage unit in which you are going to be sure about the safety of your paintings. So, how to do everything in the appropriate way

Define how many paintings you are planning to move

For the beginning, you need to have the exact number of paintings you are planning to move. The first reason is that you must provide your movers with the right information. The second reason is about a storage unit. By knowing the exact number, you will know which storage unit you should rent. In this way, to move and store paintings will be a lot easier. Also, you can write down the types of paintings. For example, you can put categories and write down if the paintings are large, small, heavy or light ones.

a notebook and a pen on a desk

Define how many paintings you are planning to relocate

Set the costs in order to move and store paintings

The next thing is to define your budget situation. In other words, how much money you need to have for this type of relocation. Again, write the number of your items and make an estimation. This is a way in which you will calculate your moving costs and know how to organize for your relocation. Also, you will know which moving company you can hire. On the other side, if you are not satisfied with your budget situation, see where you can save money in this process. Keep in mind that even if you are moving on a budget, you can still have a smooth move. It is a matter of good organization.

Now that you know your costs, look for professional assistance

We have mentioned that when you need to move and store paintings, you should have professional assistance. Be sure that if you hire specialists for art relocation, everything will go with ease. Having experts who will know how to prepare and pack your paintings is a crucial thing. Do not forget that we are talking about really fragile items for which you need to have good protection. By hiring professionals, be sure that you will achieve it.

What about the storage unit?

Before you start preparing your paintings, the next question is which storage unit you are going to rent. A good idea is to do research on the internet and see what your options are. For example, you need to look for a company which can move and store paintings, such as JP Urban Moving Brooklyn. In this way, you will have a double win situation. Finding a company which can offer you these services is a rare thing. Be free to contact them and ask all the things which you need to have for this type of relocation.

a storage warehouse

Find a company which can provide you with relocation and storage services

Gather packing materials which you can use to secure paintings before your moving day

A good idea which you should consider is to gather packing materials for your paintings. Of course, movers will have their packing materials which they will use to secure paintings. But, if you want to start earlier with preparing them, you should definitely get packing materials. You will save time if you prepare paintings for relocation by yourself. The thing is that you only need to get packing materials to be sure about their safety. For example, you can use cardboard boxes and packing tapes, or simply use old clothes and towels which you will put on the paintings. In this way, you will not need to worry about any kind of damage and you can wait relaxed for your moving day.

Start preparing paintings

If you have found packing materials, now you should start preparing your paintings. We are now going to present to you some basic steps about how you should do it:

  • Take the paintings of the wall and place them where is safe- When you are about to move and store paintings, firstly you need to take them off the wall and put in one place to prepare paintings for packing.
  • If they are in a glass, put an X sign with packing tape- In the case that some of your paintings have a glass frame, use the packing tape and mark it. This is also a sign that it is a fragile item.
  • Cover the top of your painting with a cardboard box- To avoid any kind of damage or dust, it is a good idea to use a piece of the box and put it on the top of your painting.
  • Look for the boxes which are the same size as your paintings- Speaking about how to put them in the box properly, it is logical that you will not put a large painting into a small box. So, be sure that you have the same measures for boxes and paintings.
  • Make sure to separate them in categories, do not mix- When you relocate to your new home, it will be easier for you when you unpack the boxes that in one box you have paintings from a living room, in another from the bedroom, etc.
  • Put the paintings in one room- Once you have finally packed them, put them in one room. It is easier when the movers arrive to know where are they.

We have presented to you some basic things which you can do alone. You know that in every relocation process, it is an important thing to avoid stress when moving. If you follow these steps, be sure that you will achieve it.

an x sign

Put a tape with X sign for paintings which have glass on the top

Moving and storing paintings just requires a good organization

As you can see, when you are about to move and store paintings, it is a matter how are you organized. Just be sure to start on time and to plan everything ahead. If you do it, you will not need to worry about the safety of your paintings and how they will be relocated.