Reasons to move your Miami construction firm to Kuwait

Construction workers on a building site.

Are you considering moving your business from the USA to Kuwait in the near future? You own a construction firm and now it is time to expand. Kuwait is definitely a place to take into consideration because of the strong economy and the real estate market is also strong. This country in the Middle East is just growing and developing, in every sense of the word. Should you move your Miami construction firm to Kuwait and what are the reasons for that?

Why move your Miami construction firm to Kuwait?

Why should you relocate a construction firm to Kuwait from Miami, FL, USA? It is similar to organizing office relocation but not the same, so be fully prepared and of course, sure about your decision before making one. You should gather a team of people you trust and consult them too, especially someone with experience with doing business in Kuwait as an ex-pat.

Construction workers at work.
Before you move a business, do your research

Friendly environment for foreigners

If you don’t have experience with working in the Middle East, you are may be concerned, but there is no need to. Kuwait has a lot of ex-pats, and the country is very friendly and open to investors. Kuwait is very modern even it is a Muslim country ruled by Sharia law. You should not have a problem starting a business here, in this particular case, moving your contraction firm here from Miami.

Heavy subsidization keeps costs down

The cost of water, power, land for lease is low, even if you want to buy a property, it is relatively affordable. If thinking about commercial real estate investing, it is an option for foreigners. But, there are some rules you must follow if you want to buy a property in Kuwait. Government subsidies can reach up to 86% of the utility costs. In a financial way, moving a construction firm may be a good choice.

A strong economy and banking system

The economy in Kuwait is strong because of oil and not to mention that Kuwaiti dinar is the strongest currency in the world. The retail industry is also growing and banking and finance continue to play a key role in the development. This is not only a reason to move a business here, but also, it is a reason for you to move here and try to live here for a while. It is different from Miami, but you should consider it.

Kuwait at night.
If you need to move your Miami construction firm to Kuwait, then first know what are the advantages of it

Wide variety of businesses

The variety of business types in Kuwait is huge. Explore the market and the competition before moving your business here.  Art consulting, financial services, telecom services, education, retailing, transportation‚Ķeverything that you wish, Kuwait has. Many firms are foreign firms because this country is open to all investors.

How to move your business equipment to Kuwait from Miami?

If you decided to move your Miami construction firm to Kuwait, now you need to research how to transport all the equipment safely and fast? Construction equipment is heavy and big, so it won’t be an easy task to do.

The best option is to hire specialists to handle the job of transportation from Miami to Kuwait or vice versa. Moving heavy equipment will be easier with professionals that have experience with this job. Explore movers online and choose the best that suits all your business needs.

Move your Miami construction firm to Kuwait via air transport.
Find a way to move all the equipment safely overseas

Rent a storage unit for your construction equipment in Kuwait

After moving your business, you need to find a way where to store your construction inventory and equipment. Find a secure place for your inventory in Kuwait such as a warehouse and store all your equipment there. Luckily for you, Kuwait has plenty of storage units you can choose from and what is more important, your construction equipment will be safe.

Choose the right size storage unit in Kuwait and research all the options. Contact a couple of storage companies and choose the best one for the business needs.

Why people are moving to Kuwait from the USA?

Besides moving business, people are moving their entire families to Kuwait. Also, for easy moving, you should hire Easy Move KW and you can be focused on your business and not losing too much productivity. Moving personal items overseas is difficult as well as moving heavy equipment.

But, why? What are the reasons for starting a new life in Kuwait and what this small country has to offer to its residents? Some of the main advantages of living in Kuwait are:

  • Kuwait is a very safe place to live. Also, 70% of residents are ex-pats, so you won’t be lonely here. You may meet someone from the USA, UK, India, China, etc. The low crime rate is a big factor to consider especially if you are moving with kids.
  • So many cultural events where you can learn and experience something new and different. Use this opportunity and fully experience a totally different world, traditions, culture, learn a new language and meet new people.
  • If you want to move your Miami construction firm to Kuwait, keep in mind that the economy here is strong and average salaries are high. It is the main reason why people want to move to Kuwait for a longer period of time, because of the career and money. Also, it is one of the best countries to invest in real estate overseas.


After you move your Miami construction firm to Kuwait, try to attract clients and to be more productive, in order to expand a business. Consult your team before making the final call. After all, moving your business overseas is a big responsibility and a risk too. Try to find clients in Kuwait and make sure to have a good business plan.