Leaving Florida for New Jersey: cities your family will love moving to

a miami family living in new jersey coastal town

If you have set your sights on New Jersey as your new place of residence, you have come to the right place. In this guide for people leaving Florida for New Jersey, we will talk about cities that are great for families.

New Jersey is similar to Florida in that it has over 50 seaside resort towns. Even more interestingly, Frank Sinatra and Jon Bon Jovi come from this outstanding state.

a monument in New Jersey
New Jersey is great for families that come from Florida.

Thus, there are some similarities between NJ and Florida, such as their climate. However, the Garden State beats Florida in terms of education and economy. As any Florida or Miami family living in New Jersey will tell you, NJ feels like home, but better. Although living in New Jersey is generally quite enjoyable, let’s take a look at the best NJ cities for families.


Although Hackensack is officially part of New Jersey, it is actually an inner suburb of New York. In fact, midtown Manhattan is only 12 miles away from this NJ city. This means that you are able to see the famous NYC skyscrapers in some parts of Hackensack, which is quite neat.

New York City skyscrapers reflection
NYC is so close by that you can see its skyscrapers from Hackensack!

Hackensack’s suburban neighborhoods near the river are great for families moving in from Florida or elsewhere from NJ. If you need help with relocating to Hackensack, local crews in the area can help you move to the area. Also, its outskirts are lined with single family homes, which means you do not have to worry about schools, parks, and other things that are important for bringing up your little ones.

Hoboken is a great to move to when you are leaving Florida for New Jersey

According to East Coast real estate trends for 2021, Hoboken is one of the most popular US cities for families. There are several reasons for this. First of all, Hoboken is known for its affordability and safety in its neighborhoods. Additionally, it is a short commute away from Manhattan.

Essentially, leaving Florida for New Jersey makes sense if you are going to live in Hoboken. Due to its proximity to water, it will make you feel as if you are moving to Miami rather than Hoboken. However, Hoboken is inhabited by only 53,000 citizens, making it a much more family-friendly place than Miami.

Be sure to learn all you can about the city since it is a truly lovely and fun city for people coming from Florida.

North Arlington

It is no wonder why North Arlington was included in TIME magazine’s list of Best Places to live in the US in 2017. Living in this city is especially great for families, mostly because it has that quaint, small-town feel. However, being so close to NYC, you will probably never feel bored in North Arlington.

If you plan on leaving Florida for New Jersey, you should definitely consider North Arlington. North Arlington is known for its great education and low crime rates.