Moving from Miami to Orlando – what’s to know?

packing all boxes on time is essential for moving from Miami to Orlando

Miami is a great place to live in. And especially if you’re looking for some fun and great vibes. Because, Miami is definitely the best place in Florida when it comes to nightlife, bars, and clubs. But, after a while, people start looking for something else. The hustle and bustle of a big city can really annoy you after some time. That’s why you may want to move into a smaller and more relaxed town. And there’s no better choice than Orlando. So, if you’re thinking about moving from Miami to Orlando, here’s something you should know.

Moving is a serious thing

So, when you decide to you are moving from Miami to Orlando you should know something. Simply, you’ve got a lot of things to do before the move will be complete. You may think that this is not too complicated, because you’re only moving from Miami to Orlando. It,s not like you’re moving halfway around the world. But, you should know that this doesn’t mean the move will be easy, or simple. It is a big mistake to think that this is something easy to pull off. You should take this seriously right from the start, and organize yourself well. Make sure you make a moving checklist on time and consider hiring some professionals to transport your furniture around Orlando.

Start planning when you are moving from Miami to Orlando

Now that you know you need to approach this carefully, find the best way to start. First, make a good plan for moving from Miami to Orlando. Of course, it is impossible to plan out absolutely everything. Usually, you’ll have to improvise through the whole process. But, knowing how to make a flawless relocation plan is very important. It’s something that will give your relocation a structure that’s badly needed. But, how do you start planning? There’s a lot of stuff to plan out and figure out. So. start by tackling the schedule first. Of course, within all that moving process there is a lot of stress. So, it is very important to learn how to deal with moving anxiety.

Set up your budget

When you’ve picked your date, move onto the most important part of your moving plan. The budget. Because moving is really expensive. That’s why you want to take a good long look at your personal finances before moving from Miami to Orlando. Always try to discover new and simple ways to save money when moving.

construction plans for a house, with money on top of it

It is imperative to set up your budget when moving from Miami to Orlando

Find the moving company

Once you set up your budget, you’ll know what kind of moving company to look for. Of course, there’s always the question of whether you’ll hire moving professionals, or doing the move on your own. It’s recommendable to leave this job to professionals from the moving industry after all. Moving can get complicated really fast, and you need to know how to react in any situation. That’s why it is the best to let Maitland based moving professionals you can trust to handle this right from the start. First, this will you’re time, then money, and most importantly nerves.

Cancel services

Set a few reminders. Canceling services and memberships can save you a great deal of money. Make sure you cancel every service you won’t use at your new address on time. Notify your services providers about your relocation. Some services can be transferred. So, if you want an internet connection at your new home, make sure you transfer your agreement before you move.

Preparing for packing

As soon as most of the planning and preparation is complete, there are only two things left to do. Packing and moving from Miami to Orlando. Packing is a task that we usually leave until the very last minute. The reason for this is mostly because we need some of our stuff in the day-to-day activities. But, as the moving day comes closer, the packing will become a real problem to solve. But, in order to pack successful, you need to prepare all of your packing materials on time. You need to buy:

  • Moving boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Packing protection
  • Markers for labeling
boxes for moving

Gather all moving supplies before you start packing


First – purge. Go through your closets, kitchen counters, and drawers – and you will find many things. A large amount of these items doesn’t need to be transported to your new address. And that is the main reason why you should start decluttering. Sort, label and separate these items. You don’t have to throw away all of these things. You can donate some items, sell or recycle them. It is really your choice. But, try to give your items a second chance before tossing them.

Start Packing

So, when you get rid of all unnecessary items, what then? It is time to start packing. Sort your belongings one more time. Prepare boxes and the rest of the packing supplies you bought. It is quite important that you label every box before moving from Miami to Orlando. By doing this, you will prevent confusion and save yourself a great deal of trouble. If you don’t know how or don’t want to pack your belongings all by yourself, hire professionals. Also, if you’re packing on your own, be extra careful with fragile items. Learning how to pack fragile items for shipping is essential for a safe move.

a box labeled fragile

Be extra careful when packing fragile items

Say your goodbyes

Make sure you say your goodbyes before moving from Miami to Orlando. It is never easy, but – your family members and loved ones will want to visit you. Everyone wants to come and visit. Also, with so many places to see, you won’t have time to feel sorry for yourself. So, you will forget all that nostalgia.

Enjoy your new life

Don’t be afraid. Moving from Miami to Orlando will be one of the best decisions you ever made. Because it is never too late for changing your life!