Moving from Seattle to Miami: how to make it as easy as possible

An image of Miami, a good reason for moving from Seattle to Miami is the sunshine

You found a reliable Miami realtor and got yourself a nice place in Miami. There is a big difference between the two cities. Get ready to forget the Seattle rain and get used to the beautiful Miami weather. Spend your free time on the beach sunbathing and swimming in the ocean. Eat the delicious Miami food and experience the different cultures of the city. However, before you get to enjoy Miami, you have to move relocated there. This article is going to make moving from Seattle to Miami as easy as possible.

A big drive

A move from Seattle to Miami is going to be a big challenge. It is after all a coast to coast, an interstate move. You don’t have to hire movers for every aspect of the relocation, but for the transportation engage professionals who can help . You are not renting a truck and driving it yourself. Local Seattle movers who have over a century of experience can transport your stuff safely to Miami. So get a nice plane ticket and fly to Miami while the experts deal with the relocation of your items.

an image of a map of the United States
When moving from Seattle to Miami you will have to drive over the whole U. S.

To make moving from Seattle to Miami as easy as possible, you should declutter your home

Before we start with the difficult parts of the move, you should declutter your home. Think about the things you won’t need with you in Miami and put them in a pile. Now look for items that generally you don’t have a use for and gather them also. Look through all of your unwanted things and see if they are worth any money. If you have belongings that are worth something, you can sell them. Put them on the internet, or if you are in a hurry, you can have a yard sale. By getting rid of some of your stuff, you will be saving money on supplies and moving trucks. Because the fewer items you have, the fewer moving supplies you will need and less room in the truck

Measure everything out

Get your phone or a notebook and a pen and a measuring tape. Before we go into getting moving supplies, you should know how much you will need. Measure everything out and write it down in your notebook or your phone. This will give you a rough estimate of how many moving boxes and bins you will need. Of course, your measurements will not be 100% correct, so make sure to get a little bit more supplies than you need. Even though the measuring will not be dead accurate, this will stop you from overpaying for moving supplies.

an image of a measuring tape on a yellow background
Get your measuring tape and measure everything up

Moving from Seattle to Miami won’t be a problem if you have the right moving supplies

Moving supplies are key to any relocation because they are the glue that holds your stuff together during transportation. Depending on what items you are packing, you can save money on supplies. For example, if you are packing things that are not easily breakable, you can pack them in cardboard boxes. You can get moving boxes for cheap and ever free. Ask your friends for cardboard boxes or look for places that are giving them away. The cheapest and most convenient way of getting moving supplies is on the internet. Here are the essential moving supplies:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Moving from Seattle to Miami will be stress-free if you purchase plastic bins for more valuable things that need extra protection
  • Different types of wrapping materials (packing paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts)
  • Good quality tape for securing the boxes.
  • You can also use old blankets, newspapers to wrap your items.

Getting everything in the moving boxes

Packing can be a very fearful task, especially if it has to be done in a day. To relieve you of the stress, you should stretch out your packing for two weeks. By doing a little every day over two weeks, it will make packing manageable.

Start by packing the room and the items that you don’t need every day. The rooms that you should leave for last are the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. But when it comes to the kitchen, pack up the stuff that is not essential to make a meal every day.

When you start putting things in the boxes, put heavy items first and always have some cushioning on the bottom. For fragile things, like crystal glasses, it would be great if you had the boxes that they came with. Boxes that come with glasses have dividers. Wrap the breakable things in a lot of bubble wraps. For the electronics, it would also be great if you have the original boxes. When packing, watch out for things that people forget when packing. For small things that can be lost, use smaller boxes.

When you finish putting things inside the boxes, make sure to secure them well with tape. Put tape on the bottom of the boxes, the top, and corners for extra safety.

Labeling boxes will make moving from Seattle to Miami a walk in the park

Label your boxes simple so that it is clear. With the marker, write on the box the room and the things that are inside. If any items need special care, make sure to write the instructions on the box or leave a note on the box.

Truck loading

Loading the truck is very dangerous if not careful, it can lead to back injures. This happens because it has to be done fast and in one go. To avoid any injures, can help you. These Seattle local movers have special equipment for loading the truck and will do it fast while keeping your items secure.

an image of movers loading a truck
Movers will load the truck using special equipment, like a dolly


When moving from Seattle to Miami, unpacking is going to be a trouble-free task. You are already there, so just relax and do it slowly, so you don’t forget things during the process. Good luck!