Moving from Texas to Florida after retirement in 2021

Palm trees and the sky

Moving from Texas to Florida after retirement might be the best resolution you ever made. Florida is the best place to be after retirement. It’s been that way for quite some time that’s why Florida is known to be the retirement center of the USA. There is plenty of retirement homes to choose from, also you have plenty of retirement villages or you can buy a small place just for you (or you and your partner) and settle near some amazing beach. That will guarantee the best enjoyment you surely deserve. You worked hard whole your life now its time to relax.

Texans can adapt easily

There are some similarities between these two states. Hot weather is one of them. Texans are used to hot weather but also to the humid air so that won’t be any shock when you relocate. Also, one other thing those two states have in common – friendly residents so adapting won’t be hard at all. So if you had any worries about how will you adapt we are here to talk you through the process but rest assured you will be just fine.

Texas star on a wooden crate
Texans can adapt quickly in Florida.

Choosing a place to live after retirement

You know that you will be moving from Texas to Florida after retirement but it’s important to pick just the perfect place for you to enjoy. Some people choose Miami for convenience but it might be best to look for Miami suburbs rather than being in the middle of such a big and noisy city. The suburbs there are amazing and also near some really beautiful beaches. When it comes to retirement villages and retirement homes we will give you a list of some very popular choices so you can start your research from there :

  • Mirabelle Senior Living
  • Courtyard Plazza
  • Bellmont Village Coral Gables
  • The Pallas Reinassanse
  • East Ridge at Cuttler Bay
  • Epworth Retirement Village and Community

Those are just some of the top-rated, all of them are both independent and assisted living homes.

Buying a place of your own

The lack of taxes makes buying a home in Florida very convenient. When it comes to prices Florida falls under the national average. The median home price is $229,000 but you should know that prices vary depending on where you want to buy a house and how big the place do you need. In Miami, the prices are high, in more rural areas they can be quite low. You can find a city or area you like and take a look at prices online using websites like Zillow. When the time comes, you can hire movers to help you leave Texas hassle-free.

Coins in a jar symbolizing the money you need when moving from Texas to Florida after retirement.
Buying a place will cost quite a lot, luckily prices in Florida are lower than the national average.

The help to buy a place of your own

If you are buying a place of your own then you might need help from the bank. Luckily then mortgage rates are still down since the global economy still hasn’t recovered from the hit it took since the global pandemic started. That can be very good for you. But you still need to have a good credit score of course. That hasn’t changed a bit. And you will be needing a down payment that is usually around 10% or 15%.

Moving from Texas to Florida after retirement

Before packing it might be smart to declutter. That way you won’t be packing unuseful items. After you are done with decluttering you can start with packing. Of course, if the packing gets a bit too overwhelming as your movers to help you out. They will do it in no time and your household belongings will be safe and sound during the move.

We suggested hiring professional movers because heavy lifting should not be done by seniors. The risks of back injuries are simply too high and you don’t want to start your new life like that. By hiring professional movers you get a stress-free moving experience and you can dedicate your time to something much more enjoyable.

Settling in your new home

Once moving from Texas to Florida after retirement comes to its end, you need to unpack as quickly as possible. Hire local movers to do it for you in case you need it. Why is it important to unpack as soon as possible? Well, you cant start your new life in Florida while being burdened with all those moving boxes lying around. When you unpack you can decorate your new house to your liking and make it a home. After that, the adaptation process will begin. You will explore all the fun things Florida and your new place can offer you. Then you will be free to meet and befriend your new next-door neighbors.

palm trees
Soon enough this will be your new view.

Things you should visit in Florida once you settle in

Moving from Texas to Florida after retirement and settling in will take some time but as soon as you are done you can start exploring this new state you are now living in. We made you a list of all the fun things you can visit. Some are great to visit and enjoy alone or with a partner. Some are more of activities with grandchildren if you have some. So let’s get started :

  • Walt Disney Resort is something you must visit if you have grandkids coming to visit you, this place is great for all ages
  • Universal Studios can also be very interesting, maybe not with kids this is more of an adult attraction
  • Sea World in Orlando will be perfect for everyone, this truly is a magical place
  • Everglades National Park for pure enjoyment
  • The Hemingway Home is also a fun thing to visit with your partner or maybe your new friends
  • Biscayne National Park is another perfect place for strolling around, swimming, and relaxing.