Moving to Lincoln Park as a senior

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Retirement doesn’t mean that your life is in its twilight! It’s just a new beginning and plenty of free time for traveling and enjoying activities you had no time to do while you were working. Naturally, when you become a senior and retire, you will try to find the best place to live and spend the rest of your free time. People usually want to be closer to their children and family and therefore the first thing that seniors are thinking about is to move! Moving to Lincoln Park as a senior is a great idea! You can find plenty of lovely and friendly senior friendly areas and facilities! So, let’s see now what moving to Lincoln Park as a senior can bring you!

Moving to Lincoln Park as a Senior

First of all, if you are planning on moving to Lincoln Park area, you will have to hire a professional mover. A professional moving company can actually help you a lot if you are moving to Lincoln Park as a senior. They will take care of your belongings and transport them safely and quickly. The Lincoln Park area of Chicago has plenty of wonderful places and facilities for seniors. But, before you decide to move, you will have to think about it thoroughly and find the best place for you to live in.

Two out of so many wonderful places for seniors in Lincoln Park are:

  • Sunrise Of Lincoln Park
  • Belmont Village Senior Living in Lincoln Park
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Lincoln Park area has lovely neighborhoods. Whether you decide to rent an apartment or move to a retirement home, you will be very happy!

Sunrise Of Lincoln Park

Sunrise is located in Chicago’s (Illinois) North Side, just a few blocks away from Lake Michigan and Chicago Park District. Wonderful place for seniors with 24-hour nursing care per day. It’s located near Illinois Masonic Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital, and Northwestern Hospital, which is very important for seniors. Except for that, the place is also close to a lot of interesting and attractive places such as the Chicago History Museum, Lincoln Park Zoo, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, and Stage 773. Also, before you decide to move to Sunrise, check on how to pack fragile items for shipping, because you are, of course, bringing everything with you!

Belmont Village Senior Living in Lincoln Park

This is one wonderful and comfortable place that will provide care and active living, as well. A community is surrounded by great dining, entertainment and shopping places. Everything you need will be available for you 24/7. Belmont Village has well-trained staff, licensed nurses and professionally managed fitness center with all kind of therapy services. Also, the facility is making a monthly activity calendar so you can enjoy and spend time hanging out with people around. The management team and specially trained staff will provide quality care to suit and support any lifestyle.

If you decide to move here and you are trying to relocate your valuable art collection, hire professionals! They will pack and relocate your valuable collection to any place safely!

Professional Moving Company

The first thing you should think of when you decide to move is, should you DIY or hire a professional moving company? Moving to Lincoln Park as a senior will be way easier if you decide to hire professionals. It is really hard to move heavy items that we possess but, if you want to move your bulky instrument with ease, you will consider hiring a professional moving company.

A piano is heavy and very difficult to pack and relocate. WIth professional movers help, your piano will be safely transported to your Lincoln Park place! However, you should know that every professional mover has a license and years of experience in the moving industry. Also, a professional moving company will offer a lot of moving services, and some are:

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A professional mover has patience and understanding for everyone! They will help you relocate your belongings to another location fast and safely.

  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Transport
  • A wide pool of moving trucks
  • Security and Insurance
  • Storage Facilities/Solutions
  • Special Services (such as moving bulky items – piano or/and home safe, etc.)

How to Decide if it’s Time to Move

Retirement, changing lifestyle, warmer climate, health are just some of the reasons why seniors decide to move. However, the main reason for seniors to move is because they want to be closer to their families, children, cousins, which is normal. Being closer to your kids and taking care of your grandchildren is something that can completely change your life and make you happy! Also, after they retire they usually consider renting or buying a smaller place to live. The smaller place is easier to maintain and clean than the big house, so they usually decide to downsize.

How to Help Seniors to Move?

Whether they are moving into a retirement home, or your own place because they are your parents, or if they are renting a smaller apartment, you should be kind and nice and help them out with anything they need. These are the things you should do in order to help seniors move:

  • Help them with planning and sorting everything out
  • Be kind!
  • Take pictures of the inside of their home
  • Plan the move instead of them and hire professional help
  • Be patient!
  • Get them involved
Moving to Lincoln Park as a senior can be a wonderful experience and beginning of a new life!

Be kind and patient while you are helping seniors to relocate!

In addition, you would definitely want to know how to avoid stress when moving!


Even though most of you got used on your previous lifestyle, accepting to move into a smaller apartment can be tough. But, after a while, you will realize how easier is to clean, maintain and declutter. Your small apartment can look wonderful and neat too! So, let’s see what are the most important things to think of when you are looking for a smaller place.

  • Search thoroughly and find the perfect place for you
  • Look for amenities that you will use
  • Check for outdoor space
  • Be sure that it has conveniences you want or need
  • Focus on the positive!

Downsizing is not a bad thing since you can sell a lot of your old furniture and unnecessary items! Therefore, organizing a garage or yard sale would be a wonderful idea! However, you should also check on 8 simple ways to save money when moving!

Moving to Lincoln Park as a senior will be a wonderful experience for you! Whether you choose to live in some of the retirement homes, living with your kids and family, or renting a smaller apartment that perfectly suits you, you won’t make a mistake! Lincoln Park is a perfect place with a lot of activities to do and places to visit and enjoy! We wish you a good move and a happy life in Lincoln Park! Cheers!