Moving to Miami with a big family

palm trees in Miami

The positive sides of moving to Miami with a big family are truly endless. Miami is famous for many beautiful beaches and numerous parks with a pet-friendly atmosphere. Along with this, what attracts many families to this region is the year-round amazing weather. There is no winter! Therefore, you will get to enjoy the warmth of the sun every single day. Most people usually firstly think of South Beach when on the topic of Miami. However, you probably don’t want your new family home to be crowded with loud tourists in swimsuits. Luckily, this is not the case in all parts of Miami. If you’re thinking of moving to Miami with a big family, take into consideration the suburban locations. Once you get settled in, beaches will still be just a short car ride away.

What to look into when moving to Miami with a big family

Outdoor activities

Miami has around 260 beautiful public parks and more than half of them have playgrounds. This will provide you with many fun activities and adventures for you and your family. Your kids will have a blast playing and running around the parks. They might even inspire you to also start living a more active life.

overview of Miami

Sunny weather in Miami

Miami is a very active city with many different things to see and do. Opportunities are endless!Miami has many fun activities you can offer your kids. There is the famous Miami Children’s Museum and History Miami. These two are just an example of an affordable and fun family activity. Along with these, consider visiting the Biscayne National Park. It will be a day to remember, both for your kids and for yourself.


Miami has an uncountable number of amazing beaches. However, the most well-known ones are usually completely crowded. Nevertheless, Miami also has locations which are perfect for spending a day at the beach with a big family. Look into Crandon Park Beach and Hollywood Beach. You will not be disappointed!

beach in miami - moving to miami with a big family

Miami has some of the best beaches


One of the top priorities for big families is finding a suitable school for the kids. Miami has many great public and private educational institutions. Be patient and take your time when researching elementary and high schools for your kids. Miami offers different educational opportunities for kids so you will have a lot to choose from and will definitely find the perfect fit.


What is most unusual about this city is the incredible diversity. Miami is filled with many different cultures and with people of many different nationalities. For example, in this city, the Spanish language is as common as English. If you’re thinking of moving to Miami with a big family keep in mind all the benefits your kids will have. This multicultural community will help expand your children’s minds and you will also grow with them.


Even though Miami has incredibly sunny days during the entire year, occasional hurricanes can disrupt the ideal weather. When this happens, no one is left on their own. There have been a few issues in this city with hurricanes during the past years. This led to the people in Miami to grow stronger together and to create a very close-knit community.  Whatever happens, they know how to unite and help those in need. You will always be able to count on your neighbors.


Miami is perfect for pet owners. It has one of the most pet-friendly environments in the region. You are welcome to bring your pets with you everywhere.

dog and owner at the beach

Miami has the best pet-friendly environment

However, you will still have to take extra care of your four-legged companions when moving to Miami with a big family. Consider hiring a moving company, like Big League Movers, to help you with relocation. This will allow you to give your pets the best possible care.


Miami is very popular since the government requires no local or state income taxes. Because of this, moving to Miami with a big family is perfect for relocating on a budget. Miami will definitely be a great help in keeping your finances in check.

Best neighborhoods when moving to Miami with a big family

  1. Pinecrest

Pinecrest is quite popular with younger families and families who prefer being closer to the city. This neighborhood’s very close to downtown Miami which makes it perfect for families who want to visit the city often. Since many families have to commute to work and school, moving to Pinecrest could save you much time. Moreover, Pinecrest has great public and private educational institutions. Many of them are even some of the best school Miami has to offer.

Additionally, Pinecrest is one of the 15 safest neighborhoods in Miami. This is due to its suburban and easy-going lifestyle. In fact, the crime rate in Pinecrest is much below the average in Florida. Along with this, the average income in a household in Pinecrest is more than satisfactory. Because of this, Miami might be the best place to move if you have a big family.

  1. Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is one of the more exclusive neighborhoods in Miami. Even though it’s not for everybody, Key Biscayne has many benefits for big families. Firstly, it provides 24/7 police control. This makes it the safest neighborhood in the Miami area. Secondly, nature in this neighborhood is amazing. This means there are many outdoor activities for your kids to enjoy. Thirdly, and most importantly, schools in this neighborhood are one of the best in Miami.

  1. South Miami

This small neighborhood has numerous parks and other recreational areas. This makes it perfect for big families. If you are thinking of moving to Miami with a big family, definitely consider this neighborhood. Not only does it offer amazing family bonding opportunities, but it also has great educational offers. Many people with high education levels are moving here because of good job opportunities. Your children will be able to happily thrive in this community!