How to prepare for moving to Saudi Arabia from the US

Reading a map before moving to Saudi Arabia from the US

Overseas relocations are always going to be stressful, hard, and emotional. When moving to Saudi Arabia from the US, not only do you need to fully prepare before moving, but you also need to keep in mind that the culture, rules and regulations, tradition, food, and religion are different, so you will experience a culture shock after moving there. This quick relocation long-distance guide may help you prepare properly. You do not have time to waste, so start as soon as possible.

Why do people move to KSA from the USA?

Each person has its own reason for moving to KSA. New job, being with a family, working on a career, trying something new, etc. But, some of the pros of living there are:

  • When comparing KSA to other countries in the Gulf, it is the most affordable when it comes to costs of living.
  • There are no income taxes, which is perfect for starting a business and working.
  • If some company in KSA invites you to work with them, they will pay for all relocation and travel costs for moving to Saudi Arabia from the US.
  • Average salaries are high, as well as the standard of living.
  • Rents are lower than before.
  • Expats who are working have insurance and healthcare, as does as their family.

Do your research about Saudi Arabia before moving

Preparations start before moving. Not a month before, but a couple of months before, even a year before. It is a big step and change in life, especially if you are moving to Saudi Arabia with family. Preparation includes everything, from calculating moving costs to learning a new language.

Mecca in KSA

Islam is a major part of life in KSA, probably the most important part

  • Learn about Islam religion because it is a big part of life in KSA. Laws are also following the Kuran (the holy book of Islam).
  • To avoid stress when moving to Saudi Arabia from the US, it is helpful to search online groups of Americans living in KSA.
  • Expats cannot enroll at a public school, but there are many international schools for kids that you can choose. Teachers are also from Britain or America, so it will be easier for them to adjust.
  • To be fully prepared, calculate monthly costs of living in KSA. For rent, utilities, food, transportation… Clubs and bars with alcohol are prohibited so you will not spend money on that.
  • Say goodbye to alcohol and pork meat. You can be in big trouble with the law if you are drinking.
  • If you are living in the northern part of the USA, the weather will be one of the biggest problems after moving. It is very hot, especially during the summer.

Hiring a company for moving to Saudi Arabia from the US

How to transport all household items from the USA to Saudi Arabia? Seems like an impossible task to do, but it’s not. The only thing you will need is a moving company to help you move overseas. A mover must have a license and insurance, so you can trust them. Always check the company, each detail is important to avoid red flags. Choose experience and reputable movers such as Four Winds Saudi Arabia and do not worry about your long-distance relocation.

Moving boxes for relocation to KSA

Find the best company to relocate you to KSA and to help to pack

Pack for moving to Saudi Arabia from the US

Packing is also a major factor when moving. When moving to Saudi Arabia to the US, most people are worried about clothing and a dress code, especially women. Clothing should be modest and not revealing. Expat women often wear classic abaya when going out. Religion is a big part of the lifestyle, so pay attention. Not only to your clothes, but also to your behavior in public.

What is the easiest and fastest way to pack the moving boxes? Hiring professionals. If you pack with the help of professionals, your items will not be damaged, and you can get advice on what are you allowed to move to KSA.

Shipping your belongings to KSA

How to safely ship your personal belongings overseas? It does not have to be that complicated when you are prepared. By following these steps, your items will be safe and undamaged.

Shipping containers

Make sure all your belongings are safe during relocation

  • First of all, you need to explore restrictions for importing goods. Some items are forbidden such as GMO food, alcohol, animals and products made of meat, chemicals, drugs, etc. The shipping company should give you a list of all items that are not allowed to import.
  • Calculate shipping costs (from the US to KSA) with all the taxes, additional fees, insurance, duties, freight forwarding services, port charges, packing, etc.
  • Packing is very important when it comes to overseas moving. Do it right so that your belongings will be safe.
  • Purchase the right insurance. If something happens to your items, insurance will cover the damage.
  • Track items online and you will know where are they 24/7.

Shipping your car to Saudi Arabia from the USA and driving in KSA

Driving car in KSA is very affordable because the gas prices are VERY low. Are you considering car shipping? How to accomplish that task? Expats are allowed to drive in KSA, women too (since 2018).

Driving a car

Car prices and gas are affordable in KSA, so consider driving there

  • With the US license, you can drive for 3 months. After that, you must exchange your license for their license. For this document, you will need copies from the US license, translation of your US license to Arab language and a green card.
  • Before shipping, clean your car inside and out. This way you will see all the scratches ad other damage. Dirt can also damage a car.
  • Collect all required documents for you and your car too when moving to Saudi Arabia from the US. That includes a license, a MOT certificate, a copy of your ID, a license for your car, etc.
  • Find a shipping company you can trust to transport your vehicle safely. Cargo Logistic company will give you all the required documents.