Moving to Tallahassee – is it right for you?

A beach in Florida with palm trees.

Moving to a new city can be a stressful experience. On the one hand, you are leaving your home behind, your friends, coworkers, and neighbors. On the other hand, you are anxious about what you will find once you get there. For this reason, it’s important that you do as much research as possible. When it comes to moving to Tallahassee, Florida’s capital, there are many things to consider. The city differs significantly from the rest of the state and has its own unique traits and styles. If you are still on the fence, here is a list of things you should know before making the decision.

Education in Tallahassee

For families, education is an important factor when choosing a city. In this respect, Tallahassee is an excellent choice. The schools in the city regularly rank above the national average when it comes to tests like the SATs. Moreover, this city is home to Florida State University, which has over 80,000 students. With many colleges and departments, this university is among the best in the nation, making it a haven for college students coming there. If you are moving to Tallahassee with kids or teenagers, you can be sure that they will have many educational options. 

Tallahassee college - moving to Tallahassee can be a great decision for college students.

Florida State University offers many programs and degrees.

Consider the traffic when moving to Tallahassee

Because of the popularity of the Florida State University football team, traffic during the season can be terrible. If you don’t do everything you have to before the afternoon, you’ll be stuck in traffic for a long time. Additionally, many people commute to and from the city. This means that in the morning and late afternoon there is more traffic than usual. Be prepared for traffic jams when moving to Tallahassee. The locals know how to avoid it, but it might take some time for you to get used to it.

The weather in Tallahassee

Similar to the rest of Florida, Tallahassee practically has sun year-round. The summers are hot and humid, around 80 to 90 degrees on average. Winters are very mild and dry, the temperature staying around 50 degrees. This makes it perfect for those who are tired of the cold and the snow.

Located in the northern part of Florida, Tallahassee doesn’t have its own beach. However, there are some amazing beaches which you can travel to relatively quickly. One such beach is Keaton Beach, with a pier and an area for children to play in. It’s also a great place for fishing, as locals come every year for scalloping and angling.

The cost of living in Tallahassee

If you are moving to Tallahassee from a big city, you might be surprised by the low cost of living. Even though it is the capital, Tallahassee offers housing and food at affordable prices. So moving to this city is a good idea if you are looking to save money. However, utilities might make you spend more than you bargained for. For this reason, do research on the best housing option for you.

A pink piggy bank, paper money, and a dollar sign.

If you are looking to save money, Tallahassee is the right choice.

Besides being stressful, moving can be very expensive. Especially if you are moving to a new city. If you want to save money, consider getting your moving estimate on this website, in order to get the best deal possible. Always deal with reliable and reputable moving companies, so you avoid any unpleasant experiences. 

Choosing a neighborhood when moving to Tallahassee

When choosing a neighborhood in Tallahassee, there are many things to keep in mind. Prices, schools, and job opportunities are all factors. Tallahassee offers a wide range of neighborhoods, so there is something for every taste and need. For families with kids, Southwood is the best option. It is closest to the city’s best public and private school. Additionally, it is a drive away from downtown Tallahassee, so you don’t need to worry about the traffic.

If you are moving to Tallahassee to be in the center of activity, Levy Park is the place for you. Even though it is downtown, the housing prices are genuinely affordable. There are many restaurants and bars in the area, making it perfect for both singles and couples. Its main attraction is the closeness to Lake Ella, a prime spot for weekend days of sun and fun.

College students and those working at the Florida State University will find their best home in Midtown Tallahassee. For those enrolling in the university, this is a great place to meet fellow students. It also offers many bars and clubs which students and other residents frequently visit. Many of Tallahassee’s parks are also located in this area, which is perfect for picnics or studying outside.

Job opportunities in Tallahassee

Many young adults and professional move to Tallahassee in search of employment. The city’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average. There are many jobs in business, health care, and education services. The city also offers great jobs in politics, since it is the state’s capital and center of political activity.

Man and woman shaking hands.

Tallahassee is among the best cities in the U.S. for job seekers.

What you can experience in Tallahassee

With many annual festivals and events, Tallahassee has something for everyone’s interests. Concerts, both indoors and outdoors, are a regular occurrence. If you are an artist, professional or amateur, this city will give you a chance. There are many public art shows and exhibits, funded by the city. If you enjoy organic foods, the farmer’s market downtown is open from March to November. It features homegrown food straight from the ground.

There are also many natural attractions in the city. Lake Ella, for example, is a great place for families and singles alike. Additionally, the cities many parks are perfect for young children. One such park is Tom Brown Park, in the eastern part of the city. Besides being open daily, it also hosts many special events.

Transportation in Tallahassee

If you are moving to Tallahassee without a car, you want to take advantage of the city’s mass transportation services. On the one hand, there is StarMetro, for those who prefer to take the bus. This service connects all parts of the city and is perfect for those who want to save money. On the other hand, if you wish to see other parts of Florida, you can take the train, organized by CSX.

Tallahassee airport is more expensive than those in other cities of Florida. If you wish to make a flight out of the state, your best options are the airports in Jacksonville and Panama City. 

Make the right decision

While these tips are sure to help you in making the decision, make sure to do your own research. Moving to a new city is a big change, and can affect you mentally and physically. Decide if moving to Tallahassee is the right choice for you.