Moving to the Big Apple after college 101

A new York City skyline.

You may not believe it but New York City is among the top cities that attract fresh graduates despite its expensiveness. It is a very popular destination for many young adults looking for advanced career opportunities. Low crime rates, the number of young people living there, the entertainment potential of the city, and many job opportunities are just some of the factors that draw new residents. However, moving to the Big Apple after college can be quite a shock if you do not prepare yourself well. Be ready to make serious decisions, take care of your finances, and at least for a while to live a solitary life. In general, be ready to be adult and taste sweet bitterness of living in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Choosing the right (cheaper) neighborhood when moving to the Big Apple after college

First thing first, get ready to choose your neighborhood properly. Many young people make the same mistake thinking that Manhattan is the only part of NY worth living in. Of course, it’s a borough with the highest incomes, but it is also the borough with the biggest living cost. Know this, you don’t have to live in Manhattan to work in Manhattan. There are many other more affordable places you can choose for your home, and still be able to work in Manhattan. After all, the transportation system in NY allows you to get anywhere within a decent amount of time. Besides Manhattan, there are four other boroughs in NYC:

  1. Brooklyn
  2. Queens
  3. The Bronx
  4. Staten Island

And each of them offers various neighborhoods where everyone can find one for their taste. What is most important for fresh graduates, they are more affordable alternatives and are already populated by graduates.

A hidden path through the woods.

Not every path in life is clear, but we do our best when making choices.


Looking for housing options when moving to the Big Apple after college

Now that you know the first secret it’s time to get yourself a home. Generally, this can be a lot harder than choosing the neighborhood. Finding the appropriate and affordable apartment can easily turn into a nightmare if you don’t know what you are doing. To make it worse, if you sign the wrong contract, you can easily be stuck in a bad place for a contract length. And that is a lot of frustration for someone looking for a fresh and more stable start. So, be careful with this. There is a constant battle in the real estate market for affordable places. Sometimes you need to be really fast or you will miss the chance. A couple of hours can make a huge difference if you are late. Be careful about where you put your signature and get ready for your move in NYC locally if better opportunity emerge.

You will probably look for roommates when moving to the Big Apple after college

Yes, you will. Unless you have a lot of money saved, you will most likely rent and share a place with another person. And there is nothing wrong with that. Regardless of what people might say, this is a perfect opportunity to practice your individualism and independence. Start being a grown-up, think like a grown-up, and enjoy being a grown-up. You will have the chance to lead your finance, negotiate with other people, and learn about people. Better to learn a thing or two in time than later when it can cost you more. So, choose your roommate carefully. In general, you will need a compatible person with similar interests and a similar routine. You don’t need a party jockey if you prefer calm weekends. Some roommates become friends for life, so trustworthiness, stability, and responsibility are more important than you assume. Ultimately, avoid shady people at all cost!

Times Square full of people, and you will enjoy it immensely after moving to the Big Apple after college.

You will meet a lot of different people in NYC, try to be cautious though.


How to deal with moving for real

If you are already at this step then you are doing a good job. Even though it should not be a hard part it can still make you some trouble. Since you need to physically move your possessions to the place of your choice, do it the safest possible way. Hire a professional company like Big Apple Movers NYC to do the job for you. It’s their job, they have all the necessary experience, and they will make sure no damage is done. If nothing, your items are covered with insurance. Believe me, we were all fresh once, and we are all sometimes more enthusiastic than we should be. Thinking that you can do everything will only get you frustration in case you fail. Be realistic and use that saved time for dealing with other important stuff. Like looking for a better job, for example.

Be aware of the next few things no one will warn you about

Making true friends is very hard and requires a lot of effort

In your life-long journey, you will encounter many different characters. Some of them may become your friends, most of them will not. Try to learn how to judge and how to deal with different characters. This is easily one of the most important things you will always need.

Many successful graduates throwing ceremonial hats in the air.

Great friends are friends for life. Great success is a success for life.


Making a true home takes time

Do not expect that you will have a perfect and complete “home” from the first day in NYC. Moreover, don’t expect it for at least a year. It takes a lot of time and effort in building your cozy place. It’s not only material value that grows with each day spent, but it’s also the sentimental connection that grows over time. And yes, you will move a lot, so…

It’s going to cost more no matter what

As a rule of a thumb, always count that it will cost you 20% more. You may ask “what?”, and the answer is “everything”. Adding 20% on everything will save you money in the long run. It will prevent you to spend more than you need, and will passively make your savings bigger. And it can easily save you from frustration in case of unexpected problems. Think about it and you may even develop your own strategy.

Say “Hi” to yourself

You will learn a lot about yourself once you start living on your own after moving to the Big Apple after college. Especially in NYC, since the city itself has the power to often place you outside of your comfort zone. Learning to be an adult in the city like this will most definitely make your skin tougher.

Every city in the world is different. Living in one doesn’t guarantee you will know how to dwell in another. However, if you manage to deal with moving to the Big Apple after college, survive and leave a couple of successful years behind you, be sure you are well prepared to live anywhere. It is hard, a bit rough at times, but the feeling of success after a while is worth it.