Useful tips of how to pack your clothes when moving

Organizing your clothes for relocation can be difficult

Moving to a new home? Packing your belongings can be a tedious and tiresome process, especially when it comes to your wardrobe. Saving time and keeping your garments organized are some of the top priorities of the packing process. The safest bet to do everything without any headaches is to consult moving assistance.  But if you are more of do it yourself type of person, or you would like to save some money, we have decided to share some of our ideas of how to pack your clothes. Stay tuned.

The easiest way to do any type of packing is to make some sort of a list. For clothes specifically, you should try to sort them by the following categories:

  • By family member
  • By season
  • Occasion – specific clothes
  • Size and color
It is necessary to make a list when you want to pack your clothes

In order to be sure nothing is left behind always make a list

1.  Throw out pieces you don’t need any more

The timing for getting rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore couldn’t be better. You are starting a new chapter in your life and you want to do it with a clean and organized wardrobe. If you own some trendy and expensive clothes, try selling them. You will be surprised to see how much money can you gather by selling redundant items. You can also consider donating older and more worn out pieces. The rest including stained and ripped clothes you can just throw away.  What is the point of keeping something you don’t use anymore? Plus, less time spent to pack your clothes equals more time for some other more important aspects of moving!

2. Leave something in your dresser drawers

This is a very convenient way to save some time, especially if everything is already in order. This way when you arrive at your new home you will be practically unpacked!  Just make sure to lock the drawers to prevent any unnecessary mess. The only downside of this method is that your cupboard will be harder to move around. To make work easier for moving service you choose, you can take out the drawers and then protect your clothes with plastic wrapping.

3. Use cardboard boxes for classification

The organization is the key for saving time, and probably the best way to pack your clothes is to give each pile a separate box with its specific labeling. Unpacking can prove to be even more complicated than packing, and one way to make your task easier is to use separate boxes for different types of clothing. Cardboard boxes are easy to find, low in price and simple to carry. You should pay attention not to overstuff your boxes, as you could damage the bottom thus making them difficult for transportation. Also, keep in mind that clothing can be rather heavy, so we advise you to use small boxes. You can additionally strengthen your boxes by using tape.

4. Use vacuum bags

These are ideal for seasonal clothing like jackets, coats and other bulky items. Vacuum bags will keep them tightly sealed and safe from dirt and dust. They will also make them take less space in transportation. If you prefer to save your money you can also use plain garbage bags for the same purpose. We advise you to cut a hole on the bag so you could place all the hangers in one place for easier maneuvering. The bitter truth about all types of bags is that they tend to get ripped easily.

5. Use your suitcases to pack your clothes

You are probably familiar with this option as you have packed your clothes every time you have traveled. Now it’s the same just on a bigger scale. You probably already own a few of these so it’s pretty low-cost. Suitcases have a rugged build so they also provide better protection than regular card boxes. The smartest decision is to use your luggage for clothes you use on a daily basis. Or completely opposite you can pack and transfer clothes you won’t be needing any time soon. This way you will have some clothes available until you unpack the rest. Oh, and they also have wheels, very convenient!

Luggage can come in handy for your moving process

Suitcases are a very convenient way to pack your clothes

6. Use clothes to protect fragile items

This is a neat little trick to protect your precious wine glasses, mugs, and other breakable valuables. For this occasion, you can use those clothes you planned to throw away initially. Some pieces that are ideal for protecting your breakables are old socks, hoodies, and sweatshirts, scarves. Essentially anything bulky and made out of soft fabric might come in handy.

Pack your clothes and protect your breakables at the same time

Delicate items are best protected with clothes

7. Pack your shoes separately

The most obvious reason for this is to avoid getting your clothes dirty. Also, bear in mind that shoes can also be quite heavy, so to make it easier for you as well as for moving assistance company place them in separate boxes. It’s probably the best idea to put them in their original boxes if you still own those. You can then load those in one larger box. Protect your shoes from bending by filling the shoebox with packing paper.

8. Do not pack your clothes at all

Yes, you heard us correctly. If you are moving only a couple of blocks away, this is the best strategy. Why waste any time to pack your clothes in all those boxes when you can just leave them on the hanger and place them on the backseat of your car. You will also save time on unpacking as well Use only a plastic bag to protect clothes from any dust.  Again make sure that you are left with some clean clothes during the moving process.

So there you have it, these are some of the most basic tricks to pack your clothes like a pro. This list should provide you the idea of how to relocate to your new home while saving your time and your nerves. If you would still, however, like to consult professional help take all the necessary steps to decide the best commercial moving assistance company for you.