How to plan and organize a business move


Moving an office (or couple of them) is never a simple process. The reason is that probably you are not the only person that moves – you have your employees, co-workers, etc. Furthermore, moving a business away from your current clients is also tricky. That’s why you need to be extra careful and organized about […]

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How to start living in Miami

Best things in Miami

You’ve decided made Miami your new home? Well, kudos! The Magic City holds a lot of opportunities and is slowly becoming a significant business hub. And if you want to enjoy those opportunities, and avoid unnecessary inconveniences here are a few hints on how to start living in Miami.

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Car shipping tips and hints

A truck driver driving his vehicle, looking outside the window - car shipping 101..

Moving to and from Florida involves transporting a lot of your belongings from one place to another. One of the largest and most valuable belongings is your car. If you’re planning to ship your car, you should be aware of the risks. Sometimes, car shipping does not go as planned but there are a few […]

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How to deal with moving anxiety

Dealing with moving anxiety

That overbearing feeling of worry is something that all of us face at one point or another. It is only in human nature to be anxious about daily things. Some people do this more than others. However, anxiety tends to get more intense if we are going through a significant change in life. One such […]

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Affordable homes in Miami, Florida

One of the affordable homes in Miami

Miami, Florida is your dream city. It is the city full of opportunities, beautiful people, beaches…and sadly, the city with expensive homes. But, fortunately, if your budget is not high, you can also find affordable homes in Miami. You just have to be patient, creative and prepared to make some compromises too. You can start a business in […]

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