How to plan a business move

Office relocations happen for a number of reasons, from company expansion to moving cities, and regardless of the reason, it is often a cause for celebration. From changing your office’s interior design to implementing innovative ways of working, a business move can be the catalyst for giving your entire company a make-over.

Relocating office space to Miami or your entire company is different than moving your household. The steps you have to take to conduct your business move are different and more complex. When thinking to relocate the most important thing is to prepare and organize well the moving process. Before moving to your new office, research convenient locations in Miami for your business and choose the neighborhood that suits you the best. It is important that you are aware of the fact that you might need help from professionals to assist you in organizing the business move. If you plan everything on time, you will avoid stress during the moving process. 

Business move

When managing a business move you will need to follow all the important steps


Prepare your office for a move

Preparation for your move is the most important step of the moving process. Determining the time frame of the move is crucial and knowing your final move out sets the schedule of your move. If you need to move your business, first you must start to plan how to pack your office furniture and supplies. Your business move will have various stages. You’ll need to discuss this with the rest of your moving team or with the managers and supervisors to ensure it’s achievable. If your office is small, you’ll need at least three months to prepare. And if your office is medium and large, you will need at least six to eight months. It is important is to start organizing early on time.

Find a new office space in Miami

Find a new space for your business that will fit you

Research the Miami neighborhoods and find a new space for your business that will fit you

The next step is to collect all information on the new space for your office in Miami. Try to get blueprints or floor layout so you can identify key components. Those can be electrical outlets, storage space, etc. and most importantly, to determine the new office design. It is also a good idea to have a general layout plan for your current space. The point is to compare them. If there are sections in the current office that are not working, identify them. They should be resolved in your new office space in Miami.

Establish a budget for business moving and find a mover

If you have a specific budget amount assigned for your business move, it will be important to identify costs before you hire movers, or even before you pack the first box. When conducting the office relocation Miami you should consider professional help. Calling and organizing your movers is the next step. Your moving company should make an cost estimate for your move. Establishing a budget for moving an office space is a primary concern for many business companies. Before setting the budget the first thing you should do is calculate how will the moving process affect your business. The next thing to do is to meet professional movers and ask them to make an estimate of the moving cost. Main factors they will consider are the distance of the move and amount of office furniture and supplies.

Check if you need to restore the new space first

Also, it may be necessary to hire carpenters or painters if walls need to be painted or constructed. It may have been addressed when the new space was obtained. It is important that you make sure that no additional construction or cosmetic changes need to be completed before the Miami business move.

Move your business the right way

Office relocation can be a sensitive matter to approach with your team. And especially if there are considerable changes to take into account. It can be easier to employ outside companies to deal with transitioning your business team. This happens because of a number of reasons, including their experience and expertise with doing it. Don’t forget to consult your coworkers and employees. The more included employees feel, the more on your side they will be. Ask for their suggestions with location, design, and layout of a new office in Miami. They may have ideas on how to structure the interior to help improve their work.

Make the inventory of your office items

Make an inventory list

It is important that you make an inventory list of your office stuff

Relocating your office to Miami can be easy when you make the inventory list of all the items that should be moved.

  1. The inventory list should be made before hiring the professional moving company. The moving company can also assist you and make the inventory list with you. This way nothing will be lost during the move. Movers will also know which are the most important items so they can label the moving boxes correctly before the transportation.
  2. Make sure you sort out the most important files first and, if possible, be present for the packing process. That way you can direct and assist the moving company workers. If you are not able to be present during the moving process, assign that task to a reliable worker or your college.

Useful tips for your business move Miami

  • Hold brainstorming sessions with managers and employees. You’ll save money in the long run by getting their invaluable input beforehand. Be creative. Handout polls to employees, or hold a contest to see who can come up with the best ideas for improved use of floor space.
  • Work with a professional space planner or architect. You can ask your business associates, friends, and colleagues for recommendations. When you’ve narrowed your list down to a handful, ask for references. Don’t feel pressured to make any hasty decisions.
  • Have in mind the possible expansion. Don’t try to squeeze into a new facility that does not allow room for expansion down the road. You never know when your business will grow. So, having a room for additional employees and inventory is always a good thing.
  • Pay attention to floor size. Some businesses depend on communication and interaction among departments and employees. For example, investment firms, insurance companies, and advertising agencies tend to use a lot of open floor space. Plan accordingly based on the needs of your business.
  • Be mindful of electrical capacity. If your office building has lots of computer equipment and other office machines, make sure you have adequate electrical outlets and enough electrical capacity to serve everyone’s needs.

Notify your customers and clients about the business relocation Miami

When conducting a business move Miami you should notify all your customers and clients about your move. Organizing your marketing team to announce the company’s relocation is a great way to get the attention and not to lose clients in the process. Remind them that even if you are moving that doesn’t mean your services would be unavailable. Inform them of your relocation date, advertise your new offices and show them how your services operate during that period of time. Communication with your customers is the key to a successful relocating office space Miami process.