How to plan your packing process?

an open notebook with the words my plan written on one page because you need to plan your packing process when moving

There is a lot to think about when you are thinking about moving. The biggest part of moving is packing. Knowing how to plan your packing process isn’t something that can be learned overnight. But with our tips, you can do it easily and pack the right way in the shortest period of time.

Set the date

Before you start planning your packing process, you have to set the moving date. This is an important factor for all the steps of the moving process that you need to organize. Hiring a moving company is also very helpful. Those who are moving to or from New York are lucky to have DA Moving NYC at their disposal. These professional movers offer high-quality services for every type of relocation. However, be aware that moving companies have a lot of work during summertime. So if you want to move in July, you have to schedule your movers a few months in advance. Summertime is the season for moving. It’s also when the prices are the highest. So if you can wait until late September to move, you should. This will save you a lot of money. Once you’ve set the date it’s time to start planning your packing process.

a girl holding an agenda

Setting the date of your move is the first step.

No moving company?

If your move is a local one and you feel like you don’t need a moving company, that is okay too. But have in mind that only local moves can be successful without hiring a moving company. Even when moving locally, you have to know when is the best time to relocate. But even when the move is local, movers can help you a lot. Hiring movers kind of sets the date of your move that can’t be changed so easily. It’s like a due date. You organize everything around that date. So even if you don’t have movers, pretend like you do and set the date.

Plan your packing process

So once you’ve set the date it’s time to start making the plan for your moving process.

The first thing you have to do is get the packing material. If you live in NYC, you can look for packing boxes in NYC online. Wherever you live, check online to try to find moving supplies that you need. You can also search for boxes behind your nearest supermarket or simply ask them if they have any that they don’t need. Moving supplies can be expensive but only if you don’t know where to look.

Moving supplies needed:

  • Boxes – Moving boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Small boxes should be used to pack heavy things like books and breakable things. Big boxes are for everything else. There are different kinds of boxes. You can also invest in plastic boxes. They are reusable and very durable. They make great use for storage facilities such as attics, basements, and rented storage units.
  • Wrapping paper – You need wrapping paper to fill the empty spaces in the boxes so your stuff doesn’t move around the box. Packing peanuts are good for this too.
  • Bubble pack – Use bubble pack to wrap and secure breakable things such as vases, plates, glasses, etc.
  • Garbage bags – It might sound crazy but garbage bags are best for packing clothes, sheets, towels, etc.
  • Vacuum bags – You can also use vacuum bags. You can buy them online. They are reusable and very durable but they are a bit more expensive than regular garbage bags, of course.
  • Tape dispensers – Having a tape dispenser makes closing and securing the boxes and bags much faster and easier.
a man with boxes

It’s important to get just the right moving supplies in order to plan your packing process.

Start decluttering

The first step to a successful packing process is decluttering. If you don’t declutter, you will end up having a very messy move. Decluttering can also bring you some money. When you are decluttering, write down the things that you can sell either on a garage sale or online. A lot of people do it, why can’t you? You must have something that you don’t need or want and that is worth at least $5. Why not take the $5? This is a simple way to save money while moving. Plus, you won’t use as much packing supplies so you are also indirectly saving money. Decluttering is very important when a move is a long-distance one.

Write everything down

When you want to plan your packing process, the key is to write everything down. Either in a notebook or on your phone. Write down the things that you packed together. Don’t forget to label the boxes. That is how you will find your way around once it’s time to unpack. Labeling your boxes will also allow your movers to help you. If they see that the box is labeled “kitchen”, they will automatically take the box to the kitchen. This makes it much easier for you.

Our tip is to write “breakable” only on the boxes that really contain breakable stuff. This way you will avoid having anything broken as your movers will know how to stack the boxes in the truck and they will know what to carry with extra care.

a pencil and a notebook

Make sure you write everything down.

Once you arrive, check if all the boxes are there. Sometimes some boxes can get left behind by mistake and people who don’t plan their packing process usually don’t notice this on time. Don’t be one of those people. You might leave something valuable behind by mistake because you didn’t write everything down. It’s really important to plan your packing process if your move is a long-distance one. This way you are avoiding the stress of that kind.