Pros and cons of major home remodeling during summer

Planning remodeling

A home is the heart of any family, so it’s important to keep it in good condition! It is natural, therefore, to want your home to be inviting and functional, and remodeling is often needed. But, remodeling is hard and extensive work, and it can be difficult to decide when such work should be done. Still, summer is, without a doubt, the most popular time for major home remodeling. Is it truly the best choice, however? Find out as we discuss the pros and cons of major home remodeling during summer!

Pros of major home remodeling during summer:

The weather

Remodeling your home will often include extensive work on the outside of your house. Parts of your home might become inaccessible, too, or you might not be able to make use of your central heating. It might even be necessary to expose the inside of your home to the elements! It is, therefore, extremely useful to have mild and pleasant weather conditions to work under.

Sunny weather
Sunny weather helps during major home remodeling.

You would not have to worry about snow piling up in your living room or on your unfinished façade. Neither would you need to consider whether your kids are warm enough in their beds or in danger of catching a cold!

Summer vacation

Summer is when kids get out of school and get to have fun with their friends and family! This means you would not have to worry about disrupting their school schedule or their ability to properly focus on their school work! You could also book a trip for your family and leave the hustle and bustle of the remodeling behind you! You could then come back from a road trip or resort to find your home ready for you to put things back in their places and enjoy the new comforts it provides. It would certainly be much easier than having to stay in cramped hotels or be stuck in the middle of the remodeling! Just don’t forget to pack properly for your trip.

A family on a beach.
A family vacation might be what you need to avoid the bustle of major home remodeling during summer!

Cons of major home remodeling during summer:

It is peak season for remodeling

As we already mentioned, summer is typically the most popular time to do remodeling. This, in turn, means that most contractors are almost fully booked and therefore asking higher prices for their services! In addition, due to the demand on their time, some contractors might be rushing to complete their work as quickly as possible. This would mean that some of the work done could be subpar and not in line with your expectations. This is why it’s important to properly draft your contract in advance and look out for any issues so you might spot them on time!

Family time

We have already discussed the pros of having your kids out of school. However, the cons cannot be ignored either! Summer is time for family, no doubt! You want to hang out with your kids and catch up with them. To see friends and family members you didn’t have time or opportunity to visit during the hectic work year. You might also simply want to relax and unwind in the privacy of your home. This would, however, be impossible to do with remodeling under way mere feet away from you!

A family together.
You might want to spend time with your family instead of doing remodeling!

You would have the choice between trying to corral and keep an eye on your kids in potentially hazardous living conditions, or squeeze into a hotel room. Still, this would likely not be cheap, especially considering the time and money major remodeling demands. Even if you go on a vacation or road trip, it is quite a lengthy period of time to spend away from home. And kids easily get antsy without their friends or home comforts, especially when really young!

Final thoughts

We are hoping our list of the pros and cons of major home remodeling during summer has helped you make up your mind. Good luck!