Pros and cons of moving from Colorado to Florida during winter

snow covered road leading from Colorado to Florida

So, you were thinking about moving from Colorado to Florida during winter? This might not be so simple. Sure, there are some benefits (also known as Pros) but there are also plenty of disadvantages or Cons. The preparation for the move however still remains the same. You have to make sure you pack well and organize transport for your belongings.

Moving from Colorado to Florida during winter – Pros and Cons

As we mentioned, relocation during winter could be challenging. However, if you have your own reasons why you want to move during winter but still want to weigh your decision, we are here to help you out. Here are the pros and cons of moving from Colorado to Florida during winter.

person writing in the notebook
Creating a Pros and Cons list might be helpful when you need to make a difficult and important decision.

The storage rent is way cheaper

If you and up having too much stuff and are looking for storage space, then you are in luck. Besides the fact that you’ll be able to find storage easily, it will also be cheaper. The decrease in storage rental rates is because of the less occupancy during winter. Once the moving season ends in September, the prices continue to stay low until January and February. This is a great solution if you need storage, both short and long-term.

Greater availability and more flexibility

During the moving season, moving companies such as Homegrown Moving Company book up quickly. Sometimes you might have difficulty booking even if you try to schedule the move a month in advance. In winter, however, moving company schedules are a bit emptier. People tend to move less in the winter. The pricing usually decreases from late September to April. Availability is also providing more flexibility. You might be able to accommodate the schedule to your own liking.

Moving costs from Colorado to Florida will be less

And because of the greater availability and less work, moving companies are willing to drop their prices during the winter. Demand for movers during winter is significantly low. They have less work and more time on their hands, which is why any client is welcome, even if it means giving a discount on the services they offer. Another tip – when scheduling a winter move, choose the midmonth and midweek time frames. Also, you should pick a Monday to Thursday slot. These factors will contribute to an even less costly move.

The weather conditions 

The biggest con when it comes to moving from Colorado to Florida during winter is probably the weather conditions. Temperatures can be extremely low and it can be really cold. This makes it a bit inconvenient for both loading and unloading the moving truck. The roads are also not so safe which might make the transport unsafe and complicated.  

snow covered street
The weather conditions during winter might make the moving process a bit more complicated.

Holidays madness 

If you are moving during winter, you might get caught up in holiday madness. This part of the year is filled with holidays. It is also a time when people tend to travel all around the country to visit their families. This can sometimes lead to traffic jams and it can be terrible. Adding the bad weather into the mix will surely make the moving process a bit more complicated.

The safety of your belongings

Another thing to reconsider is the safety of your possessions. If you do not pack and protect them properly, they might end up broken or damaged. Due to bad weather and low temperatures, this is likely to happen so make sure to pack the right way. With everything else you need to worry about, the safety of your items should not be added to the list.

Moving from Colorado to Florida – how to prepare

Whether you are moving during winter or not, relocation is something that needs detailed planning. Creating a checklist is a good start as this will help you keep up with everything since there are so many things to do. From decluttering and packing to transportation of your items and unpacking, you have to keep everything under control. This is why seeking professional assistance could be a great idea. Hiring a professional company will surely make your relocation process simple and stress-free. They can help you out and easily prepare for the move so you have nothing to worry about.


We already mentioned the importance of packing the right way. This is important because you have to ensure the safety of your household items and furniture. They don’t want any of your belongings to be damaged during the move which is why you should pay extra care. Get ahold of good quality boxes and plastic bins. Make sure to label them so you know what’s inside and which room they belong to. If you find this task intimidating, you can always seek professional assistance.

family packing for the move
Packing the right way is important in order to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Transportation from Colorado to Florida

This one is also important. There is plenty of ways to transport your things from Colorado to Florida. You can do it on your own or you can simply leave transfer to professionals to handle it. The latter might be a better option so you can avoid carrying everything by yourself and the risk of getting hurt. Especially if you decide to move during winter.

You are covered and ready for the move

Now that you have the pros and cons of moving from Colorado to Florida during winter, it’s time to make a decision. Whatever you decide, we highly suggest following the advice we provided above regarding professional assistance when it comes to packing and transportation. This way you can be assured your move will be simple and easy.