Questions to ask before deciding to leave Miami for Seattle

Seattle panorama after you leave Miami for Seattle

Okay, let’s talk moving. So, if you decided to leave Miami for Seattle, there is a good chance that you are sick of the relatively flat terrain and are looking for something new and exciting. Great! But, keep in mind that there are some questions you need to ask yourself before you start packing. Especially if you’re about to move to a small apartment. There’s so much to learn!

Good answers demand good questions

These questions may range from person to person, but we will give you the answers to some of the most common ones, such as:

  • How should I prepare for the move?
  • What can I expect from Seattle?
  • How does Seattle compare to Miami in different areas of life?

So, let’s dive into the dismantling of these questions since you are about to embark on the longest journey possible. Well, not the longest journey in the world, but the longest one within the borders of the U.S.

How to prepare for a move when you are about to leave Miami for Seattle?

So, the first thing we need to emphasize is the length of your journey. There are over 3,000 miles to cover, which is a 48-hour-long car drive. So, you better get some neck pillows and an extra-large coffee. Just kidding. But, jokes aside, this really is one great feat to accomplish. Consequently, it won’t be possible to manage it if you are moving on your own. That is why you ought to visit to see what a professional service offers and to learn how you can move stress-free.

A man carrying moving boxes to leave Miami for Seattle.
Be sure to make a wholesome preparation.

So, when preparing for a move like this, it is always good to have a bullet-proof plan. That plan should include the following things:

  • A packing checklist
  • Solutions for storage
  • A moving timeline

Make a packing checklist

This is a great way to stay organized during the moving day. A packing checklist should include everything that needs to be packed, in the order that it needs to be packed. What that means is that you go room-by-room and take notes of everything that you have to pack and everything that doesn’t need to be packed. Once you made a checklist, you can go forward and call your movers to get a moving quote.

After you finish with that, start thinking about what you will do with the stuff you don’t need anymore. We recommend organizing a yard sale or donating your excess belongings. But, if there are things you just need to keep, there is always the option for finding a good storage solution. That brings us to the next thing…

Find good storage solutions if you plan to leave Miami for Seattle

With a trip this size, storage comes out as a necessity. You should¬†put away extra items that are not needed right away. One of the best solutions for that is finding good and reliable storage. Once you found the one that is to your liking, just arrange a deal, and boom, you are good to go! Really, it’s that easy.

Last but not least – have a moving timeline prepared

As we’ve mentioned, the distance you have to travel is huge. In fact, your behavior when it comes to moving is largely dictated by the sheer length you have to travel. This is why you need to have a moving timeline. Of course, if you are a fan of being bold (because your hair will definitely fall out if you don’t have a prepared timeline), then go ahead on a crazy adventure. But, we warned you!

What can you expect when leaving Miami for Seattle?

No harsh winters, that’s for sure. Even though the average temperature is significantly lower than in Miami, Seattle doesn’t experience harsh weather conditions. Aside from the temperature difference, Seattle is much more geographically diverse than Miami. For instance, Seattle has lakes and mountains nearby, while Miami doesn’t. Bear in mind that if you wish to leave Miami for Seattle. And while both of these cities have rivers, a seaside beach, and a ban on smoking in public, the variety of outdoor activity is much more diverse in Seattle than it is in Miami.

A man hiking.
You won’t be able to hike in Miami!

While they both have a bike-sharing system, Seattle’s commute time is somewhat lower than Miami’s. On average, you will spend 28 minutes commuting in one way in Seattle, while 38 minutes will be the average one-way commute time in Miami. Other than that, you will find that public consumption of alcohol is forbidden in Seattle, whilst both cities consider gambling legal. Also, both of these cities have a stock exchange which indicates that both are important financial centers.

How does Seattle compare to Miami?

So, when it comes to the size of the population, Seattle has a somewhat larger population. While Miami is home to around 400,000 people, around 600,000 people live in Seattle. Moreover, residents of Seattle are a bit younger than in Miami. On average, the median age of Seattle’s inhabitants if around 37, while in Miami the median age is 39.

The quality of life is very much similar. Although, when it comes to unemployment rates, Seattle takes the win with an unemployment rate of 4.8%, compared to Miami’s 6.2%. Both of these cities have 17 universities and their Big Mac Index is also the same. But, there is an advantage that Miami has, and it lies in having a good public health care system. Miami has one, but Seattle doesn’t.

A student is reading a book.
The number of universities is the same, and their quality is also comparable!

Aside from that, when it comes to leisure, the cities are mostly alike. Even though Seattle has more museums you can visit, Miami has more stadiums with a 20+k capacity. Otherwise, they are pretty comparable. But with one big exception that we mentioned earlier – diversity of outdoor activities.

While it’s fairly easy to pick a hiking destination in Seattle, you won’t find good hiking spots in Miami. Also, because of the landscape, you won’t be able to enjoy lakes in Miami. Neither will you be able to enjoy a mountain-filled city view. But, to each their own, as the saying goes.

Welcome to Seattle

You won’t notice much of a difference if you decide to leave Miami for Seattle. The cities are very comparable, but you will definitely embark on an adventure of a lifetime if you decide to start calling Seattle your new home. So, find reliable movers and prepare for the move of your dreams!