Important questions to ask commercial movers before hiring them


Do you want to move your business to a new location? One of the things you will need for a successful relocation is hiring a professional moving company in your area. To make sure you are hiring the best one, there are some questions to ask commercial movers before you sign a contract with them. Moving a business can be very stressful but when you have experienced and reliable movers by your side, the process will be much easier.

What questions to ask commercial movers before hiring them?

Of course, you will ask a mover a lot of questions before you decide to hire them. It takes a lot to plan and organize a business move, but with help from professionals, things may get better and you won’t lose productivity while moving your company.

A team work.

Work as a team with your staff when moving an office

What items commercial movers won’t move?

You should know that there are some items commercial movers won’t move and that is why you should ask them what are those items. If you are moving a bar, some movers won’t move alcoholic drinks, for example. Or they won’t move animals or plants. Make sure you are moving your entire business stress-free by knowing at the begging what they won’t handle so you can make a different plan.

Are packing materials included in the price?

How will your office equipment and furniture be packed and do you need to provide moving boxes or they have packing materials. Most companies have the equipment, but you need to pay more. For fragile items, boxes must be firm and new, and if you need to move artwork, they require special packing material and skills.

Will they pack all items?

Some commercial movers will only take pre-packed boxes, the rest of the items you need to take care of. You will probably need to make an agreement to pack your furniture and office items or your staff will pack an office instead of a moving company.

The accurate moving price

One of the major concerns is the moving costs. How do they price a commercial move and how much money it will cost. A company will send a commercial moving consultant to your office and he/she will estimate your moving costs according to the size and weight of your move. Visit a couple of company’s websites, compare them, and choose. One of the websites to visit is

Creating questions to ask commercial movers.

Make a plan how to move an office and be sure you are hiring the best commercial mover

Do they offer storage services?

If the new office is not ready yet, or you need additional storage for office equipment and goods, you will probably need a storage unit. Research commercial real estate and choose an appropriate new location, but just in case, consider renting a storage unit when moving.

Will your movers reinstall furniture after moving?

One of the questions to ask commercial movers is about reinstalling the office furniture after moving. Create a plan and you won’t lose productivity when moving a business. Hiring a full-service moving company costs more, but at least you (and your employees) don’t need to handle this part of moving.