What to have in mind when renting an apartment?

renting an apartment - building at night

Looking for apartments is always stressful, whether you are doing it for the first or the tenth time. It just never gets easier. Finding the one apartment that suits your needs completely is nearly impossible, many would say. You must always be willing to settle for less when renting an apartment. And no one looks forward to that. Sometimes the apartment that is somewhat close to what you need may not be as it seems. Here are some suggestions on what to consider when deciding where to move in.

Is the apartment in good condition?

Some landlords make apartments seem better than they really are. So be sure to check every corner of the place before deciding on moving in. This will also tell you if the price is suitable. If not, try to make a good deal to the owner. Some of the more important steps are to check:

  • the outlets
  • the faucets
  • door knobs
  • locks on every door in the desired apartment.

These are the most important things and checking them should be a priority to you. Don’t forget to check the air conditioning and heating devices and other supplies you are getting with the apartment if there are any of course. If those are all in good condition, the next thing you should be asking yourself is:

Is the building itself in good condition?

No matter how good the apartment is, if the building is falling apart that should be a big NO. Check the thickness of the walls, check the windows and the doors. See if the ceiling or walls have any cracks in them. Go around the building and look at the facade too. These things should all come into consideration when you are deciding on renting an apartment. After all, you do want to be sure in your potential home. But have in mind that those things are not the landlord’s fault if something’s wrong. Old buildings are tough to repair.

Apartment building

Both the apartment and the building should be in good condition.

Is the landlord reliable?

Making sure the landlord of your new home is a reliable and trustworthy person takes third place on our list. You can get to know the landlord when you are visiting the apartment for the first time. Ask some questions about who was renting the apartment before and why they decided to move out. If the apartment is completely new that is a big plus for you. Renting an apartment that is new will make your stay so much better. Ask him/her if he/she lives close by if something urgent happens, like a fire or if there is a power outage. Try to get the information you need to be sure you can count on him/her if needed. Besides, your landlord can be your friend too!


Your landlord should be a reliable person.

If you have a pet of any kind, make sure the landlord is okay with you keeping an animal in the apartment. Some people want to keep their apartments clean or they simply dislike animals, not everyone’s the same. If you happen to like the place really much, but the only obstacle is the pet policy, propose arranging a “meeting” if your pet is not messy and is really obedient. Don’t forget that moving can be though for your pet.

Is the neighborhood you’re renting an apartment in safe?

Feeling safe should always be on the top of your list. What is the point of living in a nice apartment if you feel threatened? The suburbs are a much safer option for living, but the city center is nice too as there are always people on the streets.  Do research on the best neighborhoods in the town you’re planning on renting an apartment in. Also try to see if the neighbors are okay, go around the neighborhood and talk to people, see what they have to say. It always means a lot knowing a little about the people who live around you. Don’t forget to check how close are you to the nearest grocery store. Things happen and sometimes you just don’t have the time to walk for 15 minutes to the store to buy something.

When renting an apartment you should be aware of your surroundings. Try to figure out which parking spot is better than the others, look for nice parks where you could take a walk. If you have a pet, make sure there is a pet shop nearby. Google search the nearest dog park too or ask some of your neighbors. Maybe you won’t have to walk your dog alone after all. Feeling safe is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!

Walking a dog

Make sure there is a dog park nearby.

If you are moving into a new city you will definitely need to do some adjusting. For example, the Miami lifestyle is much different than the New York lifestyle.

Are all the bills for the apartment paid?

Tell the landlord you want to be sure about where you are living and if the apartment you are thinking about renting is ready for your moving in. Ask him to bring the paid bills so you can be sure and check everything for yourself so there are no additional problems in the future. This is another way of telling if the landlord is reliable and trustworthy. If he refuses to do so, keep on searching. It’s better to spend more time searching than to rush into an insecure apartment that would cause you trouble.

Last but not least…

Size matters! You don’t want your apartment to be too big or too small. A spacious apartment is only good if there are multiple people living in it. If you happen to be moving in with your significant other, here are some tips on what to focus on and how to do it with ease. Having a lot of empty space will never look good. Neither will a crowded and a small place. Make sure the apartment is just right in the middle-enough space for everything you own and just a little bit more. That way you’ll feel much nicer when you settle down and finish unpacking.

moving without a moving company - man holding boxes

Moving companies exist to make your move much easier.

Another way of making sure your apartment stays looking fresh is to declutter when you are packing and preparing to move into your new apartment. This will make your packing, moving and unpacking so much easier. Especially if you are not hiring a moving company which we definitely recommend. But be sure to rent a good company that will take care of your belongings. When packing, be sure to use some moving hacks, they will make your life much easier.

I hope this helped you make the right decision on whether to rent that apartment or no. Good luck!