Retiring in Miami – Reasons why

After working hard for most of your life the time has come for a leisurely retirement. You want to stop thinking about work and daily stresses that come with it. You want a nice and active retirement and you’re wondering where to spend the golden years of your life? Well, wonder no more! Here are 5 reasons why you should seriously consider retiring in Miami.

The Weather

With a snowfall average of 0 inches, Miami is not a place to go if you want a white Christmas. However, it is definitely a place to be if you want to enjoy a retirement without cleaning your driveway. Miami’s unique climate provides 0 to less than 50% cloud cover on 249 days a year. This means that you will enjoy climate perfect for a day at the beach for 70% of the year. Apart from beach activities, retiring in Miami is perfect for those who suffer from joint disorders such as arthritis.

Not everything is peachy though, as Miami is known to be hit by hurricanes from time to time, so you should brush up on hurricane safety protocols, just in case.

Healthcare & Safety

Miami is full of hospitals and medical facilities. Some of these have been proclaimed as one of the best in the country, such as the Miami Jackson Memorial. Also, there are a lot of other facilities which are help in high esteem – the Cleveland Clinic, the University of Miami’s Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine and Baptist Hospital. Apart from this, Miami has ample healthcare professionals which provide in-house care all year round.

Retiring to Miami will provide some of the best healthcare in teh country

The prices are also lower than the national average. With an average doctors visit of around $100 it’s easy and cheap to get a second, or even third opinion from some of the best doctors in the world. Furthermore, if you need year-round in-home care, you can expect to pay a little under $37,000. If you are looking for more extensive care or just some company, Miami is home to more than a hundred nursing homes, a third of which rank highest in the country. In term of access, affordability and quality, Miami’s healthcare is one of the best in the country.

Even though crime rate is higher than the national average, this varies greatly on which neighbourhood you are in. There are many utterly safe neighbourhoods in Miami, and a variety to choose from.

Activities, Events & Culture

As a large city, Miami offers numerous activities for all ages, likings and wallet sizes.

  • Beaches and Parks – Free to enjoy and very relaxing, Miami beaches are famous worldwide and one of the best reasons to consider retiring in Miami. You will always find friendly faces and a relaxing atmosphere anywhere you go along the coastline. Parks are also in multitude – over 800, actually. Being very green and accessible to all you might have a problem deciding which one to visit first. Especially beautiful are the Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park

    Retiring in Miami on a beautiful beach

    Beautiful and relaxing beaches are everywhere

  • Museums – Most of which are free all year round or on specific days. These will provide you with a cultural getaway when you are retiring in Miami. If you like art make sure to visit The MDC Museum & Galleries of Art and Design which is always free or Bass Museum of Art (free on the last Sunday of each month). If you are into history, though, don’t miss the HistoryMiami which is free on the second Saturday of each month.
  • Culture – For a more traditional intake, make sure you see a performance by the Miami City Ballet or the Florida Grand Opera. Also, due to Miami being of the most diverse cities in the USA, you can experience a multitude of different festivals, foods and activities from various cultures that call Miami their home.
  • Water Activities – If you are into fishing, boating or sailing, this is the place for you. For those who plan a more active retirement there are numerous clubs which provide equipment for diving, kayaking, canoeing or snorkeling. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.
  • Shopping – If you have a bit more money to burn in you retirement and you are a shopping fan, retiring to Miami is definitely for you. Miami is a prime location for luxury shopping.
  • Sports – Apart from water sports and activities, you can participate in many sports. They range from beach volley to golf.
  • AAC – Miami is full of Active Adult Communities which will definitely improve your retirement life and socialization.

Logistics & Accessibility

Serving over 35 million passengers a year the Miami International Airport is one of the biggest in the country. MIA caters both international and domestic flights which makes Miami easily accessible. If you are feeling adventurous all you need is a passport and most of the world is just one flight away.

Most of Miami is also easy to access because of the excellent public transport system. If you want to drive, there are several car sharing apps. But the best thing to do is to walk. Miami is considered a very walkable city. Everythings is just so close. You can also enjoy the lovely Miami neighbourhoods by walking them. Apart from this, walking will help your health and improve your quality of life.


Miami is a super clean city. Miami residents lead a very healthy lifestyle. Smokers, alcoholic and obese statistics are low, and most of the residents lead a very healthy lifestyle. Also, clean ocean air and clean streets improve the overall cleanliness of the city.

sunny isles beach

Clean ocean improve the overall cleanliness of the city.

In conclusion, Miami has much to offer. Cheap healthcare, reasonable costs of living and some interesting activities. From an active retirement to relaxing beaches and lush parks, this city is full of experiences perfect for you to consider retiring in Miami.