Selling your Miami beach house and moving to Orlando

A house on the beach, representation of selling your Miami beach house

At one point or another, everyone starts thinking about moving somewhere different. And this is a fact that’s true regardless of where you’re actually living. Because it doesn’t matter where you are – from time to time, you could start feeling like you’re stuck in a rut. And regardless of how comfortable you’ve got it there; you may simply need to move to a new home. But where should you go? If you’ve thought about selling your Miami beach house and moving to Orlando, don’t worry – we’ve got a few useful tips!

Selling your Miami beach house for a good price

So, you’ve decided on selling your Miami beach house. If you’ve decided to move to Orlando, this is definitely the right thing to do. Sure, having a separate vacation home in Florida is always nice; but if you’re strapped for cash, just keeping a huge piece of real estate you don’t use much is just not a good idea. So why not sell that home, and get a nice Orlando home for much cheaper than you usually could? With that in mind – what can you do to make sure that you fetch a good price for your home?

For starters – we recommend you think twice before deciding to relocate to Orlando. This is not a move that could benefit anyone. Make sure that you’re completely certain that this is the right course of action for you, before embarking on such a task. But once you’re sure that you want this – you should start looking for an experienced realtor. Really, there’s nothing worse than trying to market a house on your own or working with someone who’s basically useless. What you want is a reputable realtor, but also one that’s a local, and knows their turf well. There’s no amount of real estate experience which will allow someone from New York to know Miami better than the locals. So, with that in mind – only work with locals for your sale.

Increasing the curb appeal of your home

When you’re about to start selling your Miami beach house for an Orlando move, make no mistake; selling a house for the best price you can get definitely means making an effort. After all, these days the real estate market is one of the most competitive ones out there. The recent economic crisis has left plenty of properties out there for sale, and it’s definitely a buyer’s market right now. Indeed, the people who have enough funds to actually afford a home can definitely have their pick of the draft. Meaning that you should put enough effort into making your home attractive for prospective buyers. But even once you know that – where do you actually begin?

A row of beach huts painted in bright colors.

If you want to sell your beach house for a good price, increase your curb appeal!

There’s something called the ‘curb appeal’ of any residential property. And that basically represents the appeal your house has when people see it while walking down the street. Make no mistake, this is an extremely important factor; because the first impression people have of your home is usually something that doesn’t change. As we’ve already mentioned above; in a buyer’s market, the people looking to buy have no need to make compromises. So, make sure your home is attractive right from the get-go. For one, find an experienced landscaper to have a look at your yard. Having a tidy front lawn is one of the most important things when it comes to selling a home. A messy yard will just put all of your buyers off, and leave them looking for a better home.

Decluttering the house

If you’re keen on selling your Miami beach house and moving to Orlando, there’s one thing that you’ll need to do – pack up and move. But you’ll need to begin planning your packing process sooner than you actually think. What are we talking about? Well, for you it’s perfectly logical to have your stuff in your home. But before you organize an open house, we recommend putting all of your things into storage first. The reason is simple – you want the potential buyers to have a feeling that this home could actually be their own. And if all of your stuff is there, they’ll simply feel like they’re visiting someone else’s occupied home.

A minimalist beach house interior.

Make sure your interior is completely decluttered before marketing the house!

With that in mind, if your sale will happen a while before your sale, you should look for some storage options nearby. But when looking for affordable storage facilities and services in FL, only deal with reputable companies. After all, putting things in storage will mean that you’re giving all of your valuable household items to someone else. And that’s why you should leave nothing to chance, and research the storage companies well before settling on the best one.

Making the move

Once the sale of your home is behind you, there will be one final thing to do – actually move. And even though the real estate sale was a tedious process, prepare yourself for something at least equally difficult. Because relocations are quite a bit more expensive and difficult than most people who’ve never done them believe. After all, there will be many things to do before moving day finishes. So, make sure you start working on your moving plan on time, especially for your packing process. You’ll have to make an inventory of your home, as well as plan your schedule out thoroughly. But trust us, once the sale and the relocation are done with, you’ll be feeling like the freest person in the entire world!