Stuff during remodeling – where to with them

A teddy bear in a storage unit

You lived well for several years or even several decades in your house and it’s time to remodel your house. However, some actions require something more than goodwill, and so does this too. To remodel the house you need a space for work. You have to make space for work. You need to take care of packing and move out the furniture or some of it. Also some or all other items from the rooms where you should work. Of course, these things must remain with you, by your hand, in order to use them in your everyday life. So, where with stuff during remodeling.

Here are some solutions for your stuff during remodeling

The simplest, fastest and cheapest way is to convert one room in your home into a temporary warehouse and place your items during remodeling in another room. Of course, this also produces some inconvenience especially if the remodeling takes a little longer. But in that way, everything stays on your hand, and you can use those things, of course, in little difficult circumstances, but nevertheless. Yet this is an extraordinary situation.

Planning remodeling

Plan your remodeling well!

Rent a portable storage

It does not go all that smoothly and it’s not always easy to realize your ideas. It is possible that you do not have enough space to convert into a temporary warehouse. Then you need to take some other steps. Let’s say some steps that will ensure things out of the home, but not so far. You can solve it by renting a portable warehouse for your belongings, which you can put on your driveway. In this way, stuff remains on your hand if you need them and the workspace is free. You can now engage in remodeling your home, with no particular concern about whether you will do any damage to things because they are out of workspace now.

Hire moving labor for in-home moving

As already mentioned, it does not go all that smoothly. Sometimes it is not possible to solve the problem by renting a portable warehouse. There are some more options for solving this problem, but they require additional labor force engagement. For example, you can hire a special team that will be with you during remodeling. They will when necessary, transfer heavy objects to the basement or some other place to release the workspace, for remodeling. Of course, you always have to be careful about which company you will hire for that in-home moving business. The licensed and insured company is must be!

Portable storage

Portable storage is helpful.

Friends, relatives, family members… may have space

Well, if hiring moving labor is not the solution there is another option. You can hire a moving company to move your stuff, during remodeling, to the space some of your friends can offer you or some relatives or some of your family member. So, if there is such space maybe this option is in the first place. Because in that case, you can move your items there and solve all your problems about the stuff during remodeling. If there are too many items you have to move, or they are heavy or large you can hire a reliable moving company which will do it for you. Surely, in that case, you have to choose a reliable company with some reputation. Like you move to another city or another home. Be sure to avoid a middle man. Often they only cost money and do a little for the price they demand.

One more way to preserve your stuff during remodeling

Just for a second, I thought that the new option is not required, but… If none of mentioned is an option there is a one more. All of these are options which allowed you to do the remodeling in an appropriate way. That’s why are they limited. For sure there are some other ways, like move your belongins during remodeling in a back yard on the lawn. And if it is your choice you can do it. Ok, you can cover it with some plastic sheets, but there is a big question what you should move back into your remodeled home. Meaning, in what condition.

So, there is a way, if you can’t use one above, to use and rent self-storage for your items during remodeling. It is a traditional way to preserve your belongins during renovation, but you have to give up on accessibility in a way like it is on a driveway. That is no question of what we want but what we must. Almost for all regular people that have to remodel their home.

A couple packing stuff during remodeling

Take the time to pack safely.

The same rules as in moving to another place

There are some rules that everyone has to obey because respecting these can only spare unnecessary work, time and nerves. These are:

  • Making a checklist “what to do”
  • Separating the necessary from unnecessary
  • Getting boxes, plastic bags or sacs, some rope
  • Packing
  • Labeling
  • Load to van or truck
  • Unload to temporary storage

So, those rules must be obeyed like in every other moving whether in the same city or another.

In the storage

You have to take care of how to unload and arrange items in storage. Be sure to leave the path in between your stuff to get something if needed during remodeling. Items you gonna need more often put in the front or closer to the front side to avoid unnecessary moving items in the storage. Labeling and list of items can be helpful in this matter! Do not forget to do this important job.

A last couple of tips

In this matter, you have to adjust to your possibilities. There are not many people who want to rearrange the house and who can choose the option he wants, but the option they must choose! So, choose the option which will enable you to do the remodeling house in an appropriate way. Use one of these options to save the stuff during remodeling, and move it back to your home preserved from damage, destruction or loss. Be careful in every aspect of this job.