The benefits of moving to Chicago

The Chicago cityscape.

Chicago is one of the most widely-known cities in the United States of America. It is right there, toe to toe, with New York and Los Angeles. Moving to Chicago can be an amazing experience! There is always something to do there and the city never sleeps. However, the qualities of Chicago do not stop there! This city will never cease to amaze you, no matter what you do in it. Pack your bags, prepare your agent, we are taking a trip to Chicago right now!

Chicago food

Known all around the world as the foodie heaven, Chicago sure lives up to its name! It is home to one of the most amazing delicacies that you will ever eat – deep dish pizza. If you are from New York, you will probably stop reading this article right now, but deep dish pizza is absolutely amazing! However, it is not the only item on the menu! Chicago is home to 22 Michelin-star restaurants and each and every one of them is amazing. You will never go hungry in Chicago, no matter if you’re a vegan, a vegetarian, a carnivore, or anything in-between. Chicago is a city full with happily fed people. It is also quite easy to stay healthy despite all the delicious greasy food.


The third largest city in the United States of America sure lives up to its name when nightlife is concerned as well. Bars, clubs, pubs, gig places, you name it – it’s there! Chicago never sleeps and with a good reason as well. With such an exquisite nightlife, who could possibly sleep at night? Probably no one who is looking for a good time.

A DJ handling the mixer. After moving to Chicago, there's a chance that's all you'll want to see every night.

Unfortunately, you’ll probably lose a lot of sleep after moving to Chicago, as its nightlife is outrageous.

The best part about Chicago nightlife is that most pizza places and burger joints work at night as well. This means that you will always go home with a full stomach after a good night out. What a time to be alive!

Job opportunities

Needless to say, the third largest city in the USA is a mecca for job opportunities. The city is constantly growing both in size and in population and the best part about it – there are jobs for everyone! Yes, you heard us right – there are jobs for everyone.

A man in a suit, adjusting his tie.

Suit up and get a taste of Chicago’s thriving business market!

No matter what you do for a living, you will always find work in Chicago, and chances are it might be better than your old job. You may want to forget about your cozy, quiet life as it was before. Move to Chicago and get the real taste of business, Chicago style. This is a perfect city for a business move.

Things you must not miss out after moving to Chicago

  • People. Each city has its own people, but Chicago stands out, from the accents heard in the movies, to the warm and happy people in the streets. Most of the Chicago locals will gladly help you out in your search for anything that might interest you. Food, drinks, coffee, tea, parties, museums, galleries, you name it! Everything can be found in Chicago and it’s much more fun to do it with the locals.
  • Art. Chicago is a city which thrives on art. As the third largest city in the United States of America, art is everywhere to be seen. However, most people will agree that Chicago streets are the real work of art. There are graffiti everywhere, but the good kind. The kind you will take a picture of and post it on Instagram. And while deep dish pizza graffiti are quite common, we recommend seeing them all!
  • Walking in the downtown area. Downtown Chicago is simply amazing. It is even more amazing if you take a walk around it. While it is true that public transport works amazingly in Chicago, nothing beats the old-fashioned walk in the city center. Who knows, something interesting might happen. It’s Chicago after all.
  • Watch some sports. Chicago is home to the famous NBA team Chicago Bulls. If you are a fan of basketball, then Chicago is the perfect city for you. It offers a good variety of sports. Baseball, NFL, NBA, soccer… Chicago has it all! Watching a game live and on TV are two completely different things. Get some friends, buy some tickets and start cheering for some good basketball!

Getting a permanent place to stay after moving to Chicago

Chicago is a very popular city and you should not have any trouble finding accommodation. The third largest city in the United States of America is always happy to grow some more. The city center is very expensive and you should probably avoid it unless you are quite well-off. For an average person, the areas a bit further from the center will work just fine. The city is so big that there is always something new to see and new places to explore.

A luxury dining room.

Even if you can’t afford a luxury apartment such as this one, you’re bound to have a great time in Chicago!

Still, you should try to get the cheapest rent as possible. Chicago is beautiful, but it can get expensive. Also, try to avoid rental scams, if possible. In a city as big as Chicago, rental scams are not rarely seen. Make sure you have enough information before signing or accepting anything. Your wallet will thank you.

What to do in general?

Moving to Chicago might be the best choice of your life. There is always something new to do. But what happens when you are not in the mood for adventure? Well, it is quite simple. Stick to your favorite places and your favorite bars. Chicago holds a reputation for being an all-around city for everything. The quality in Chicago stays. If you had a good pizza, you will have an equally good pizza at the same place again. The same works with everything in Chicago. You can do everything again and again, and still be happy.

To conclude

After moving to Chicago, you’re bound to be so engrossed with the “Windy City” that you won’t be able to stop thinking about it. A city as amazing as Chicago will more often than not keep you breathless for the majority of your day. When you are not eating pizza, you will be drinking coffee. When you are not drinking coffee, you will be walking and exploring. It is never boring in Chicago. If you don’t believe us, come and see for yourself!