The ultimate guide to the nicest NYC neighborhoods for newcomers

Photo taken of Manhattan Bridge in the distance

Visiting NYC is for many people on the list of things they must do in their lifetime. Not everyone is lucky enough to witness its grandiosity, but those who do, recollect with excitement that once-in-life experience. Fortunately, you are amongst the luckiest ones because you’re moving here! Does it feel like you won a lottery? But now you’ve come to understand that not everything is so easy peasy. Finding a nice neighborhood, a place to live, a crew that will help you, and other daunting tasks are knocking at the door. As opposed to your first expectations, this sounds nightmarish. But you can deal with everything, can’t you? The very first step is inspecting the nicest NYC neighborhoods for newcomers.

You can expect to find help here! By reading this text, you’ll get to know some of the best neighborhoods for newcomers and will come to the right decision. Then, you will be able to find the right home in NYC, and after moving in, you’ll get to enjoy it, finally.


Part of the larger Queens neighborhood, Astoria is not only the best neighborhood in this area but one of the best in the whole of New York. Known as the budget-friendly neighborhood in the City that never sleeps, Astoria is a sparrow’s throw from Midtown Manhattan. Taking a subway will get you there in no time. We want to emphasize that incredible affordability refers both to the housing market and shopping, dining, and recreational options.

Harlem is among the nicest NYC neighborhoods for new settlers

The vibrant neighborhood of Harlem has been a choice of many young professionals lately. In Harlem, everything from the housing options to lifestyle is diverse and dynamic. The place where Jimi Hendrix spent all his life (when he wasn’t on tours) doesn’t seize to have rich music culture and is home to many gifted artists. Additionally, the area has great transportation options, so you’ll get to another part of the city without trouble. Speaking of transport, find out the best time to relocate and save yourself unnecessary costs and heavy traffic.

Train subway in Harlem, one of the nicest NYC neighborhoods for newcomers
Having a well-connected subway system and bus
lines, Harlem is one of the best neighborhoods
in NYC for newcomers.

Crown Heights

Having beautiful homes in abundance, Crown Heights is one of the nicest neighborhoods in NYC for newcomers. Living here sometimes feels like being in the concrete jungle. However, Brooklyn prides itself on natural sites, such as Prospect Park, a perfect place to get away from all that noise and get in touch with nature. That Crown Heights is a cultural melting-pot reflects in diverse cuisine and activities. You don’t have to go far to feel the exotic taste of Caribbean food. You can have it right at home.

In case you pick Crown Heights for your new neighborhood and need additional storage space, you can find a facility for your household items easily. Local experts will be fast to help you with your moving and storage needs during this important moment, and you can rely on their assistance anytime. All you gotta do is make a few clicks.

Lower East Side is the right NYC neighborhood for newcomers

Lower East Side is another Manhattan neighborhood that we recommend. As vibrant as it gets, you’ll always have plenty to do here. When it comes to the housing options, apartments can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable solutions. We’re only saying there’s something for every budget. Speaking of shopping, Lower East Side boasts some of the best boutiques in Manhattan and is a great place for shopaholics. To arrive here in the first place, choose a reputable moving company in NYC and have a stress-free move.

A doll dressed in a red dress placed outside of a boutique covered in plants
Aside from being a nice NYC neighborhood for
newcomers, the Lower East Side is a great spot
for shopping.

Murray Hill

Located east of Manhattan, Murray Hill is a lively neighborhood with a small-town feel, and you will simply love it. In brief, this is what Murray Hill offers to its residents, and why it’s so great:

  • close to Midtown
  • reasonable housing market
  • beautiful neighborhood with pre-war houses awakening nostalgia
  • diverse food scene (affordable dining options)
  • interesting nightlife with lots of bars

If you’re already wondering how much relocation will cost you, filling a form at will resolve your doubts. In that way, you can make a perfect budget plan.

The nicest NYC neighborhoods for newcomers: Red Hook

Red Hook is a waterfront neighborhood that offers an amazing view of the New York Harbor. The city is paved in cobblestone along whose streets restaurants and museums are lining up. Going to the local restaurants will feel good on your palate, with a variety of delicious seafood on the menu. The hugest chance of finding a house rather than an apartment lies right here. You’ll fall in love with the charm of this neighborhood right away!

Should you opt for Red Hook, to move to this stunning part of NYC, seek assistance in the neighborhood and settle in with no trouble. Moving out, moving in, and everything that comes in between will be thousand times easier with the help of local professionals.

Seafood neon light sign seen through rainy entrance portals
Red Hook has an excellent food scene rich in

What comes next?

Once you’ve chosen the right neighborhood for you, start searching for a house or an apartment. When you find your piece of the corner, you’ll start with making preparations such as decluttering, packing, etc. In this, as in many other things concerning the moving process, browsing will give you access to everything you need to know and make it a lot easier for you. 

It is a long way ahead, and there are many things on the way that will get on your nerves. But, when you settle down, you can start exploring first your neighborhood and gradually the city. In a metropolis such as this, something’s always going on. There are always new places to see, events to visit, people to meet, so every day is a new adventure!