Things most people forget to pack for the move

Key Moving Box - Things most people forget to pack for the move

Moving is a process that requires a lot of work and planning. During all that chaos, it’s common to forget to pack things and remember them on route to the new home. Sometimes that’s something you can easily replace. But, other times, it could be something important, such as the case with identification cards. To prevent this scenario from happening to you, here are some things most people forget to pack for the move.

Important documents – One of the things most people forget to pack for the move

The most common thing people forget when packing is documents.  So, to ensure all essential documents remain with you, prepare a moving binder. Keep the important documentation inside it. Here are some of the things you should pack first when moving when it comes to the important documents: 

  • Personal documents. Such as passports, birth and marriage certificates, driving licenses, diplomas.
  • Employment documents.
  • House documents.
  • Financial documents.
  • Car documents
  • Other important documents.

Make sure you pack these documents and keep them in binder and with you at all times. You don’t handle it over to the movers. It’s your responsibility to transport this important documentation.

Documents Contract
One of the things most people forget to pack for the move are documents.


Another thing people forget to pack when relocating is the medicine from their cabinets. You don’t need them at the moment, so you don’t open its cabinet often. Yet, you also don’t pack them immediately because you may need them before moving. Forgetting medicine usually happens to people that don’t do a proper walkthrough before leaving the home for good. But, if you follow this moving and packing: a checklist of essential supplies. Also, many movers recommend packing medicines into your essentials box.

Keys, chargers, and cables

There are probably dozens of mysterious keys in your home. So, do a thorough check for keys before you leave. You don’t want to find out that you lost your bike lock key. Chargers and cables are also one of the common things people forget to pack for the move. So, once your furniture is loaded, check all the outlets for left-over plug-ins.

Things most people forget to pack for the move- Toiletries and shower curtains

Bathroom items are one of the very last things to pack up. It’s simple, you need them until the very last moment. People usually want to take a quick shower just before it’s time to move out. So, all those bathroom items for hygiene will be there unboxed. Also, chances are that your shower curtains and bath mat wait for you to pack them too.  So, when you’re learning how to plan your packing process, make sure you plan a final check of the bathroom before leaving.  

Shower Curtain - Things most people forget to pack for the move
Make sure you check your bathroom before moving out.

Hidden valuables

People tend to forget to bring those hidden valuables with them when moving. So, do you have a secret hiding spot? If you do, then check it out. Make a list of your most valuable possessions and pack them safely into your open-first box. But, remember to keep this box with you throughout the entire move.