Things to consider when leaving Florida for Saudi Arabia

city view skyline of Riyadh with many buildings

So, you’re ready to replace sunny Florida beaches with the sandy desert oasis of Saudi Arabia? The thought might not be as attractive to most of us. However, if you are an ambitious businessman, having to sacrifice some perks when leaving Florida for Saudi Arabia won’t be as hard for you.

Most of the population is concentrated in big cities

In the Land of the Two Holy Mosques, over 80% of people are living in the cities such as Riyadh and Jeddah. There are over 10 million expats in SA, mostly situated in the capital city of Riyadh. As a political and administrative center of the SA, Riyadh holds great economical significance, hosting a lot of banks and major companies.

Expereince modern architecture of Riyadh when leaving Florida for Saudi Arabia
No one remains indifferent to the charms of Riyadh

The city is thriving with modernism mixed with traditional architecture. In the area around traditional Riyadh, you can still experience vernacular structures that give the city a special charm and historic-feel. Most of the neighborhoods are very affordable if you’re leaving Florida for Saudi Arabia. It is very important for you to settle in nicely with the assistance of local, reliable movers. The service in the city is great, where you will have all the guidelines and help you need from a professional moving company.

Few important things to have in mind when leaving Florida for Saudi Arabia:

  • The Sunshine State is 15 times smaller than SA, and 7 hours behind (compared to the time zone in central Florida).
  • Saudi Arabia is a monarchy, ruled by the King and First Deputy Prime Minister.
  • The epicenter of Muslim tradition and Arabic culture is situated here, with holy shrines in Medina and Mecca.
  • Florida is 2 times more expensive than Saudi Arabia. The food, transportation, and housing expenses are almost 3 times cheaper in SA. The only thing slightly more expensive in Riyadh is clothing.
  • The official language is Arabic, with English as a second language learned in schools and spoken by more educated Arabs.
  • Saudi Arabia has the second most valuable natural resource in the world.
  • The country has a lot of religious codes that forbids women to drive, be in the company of men who is not their relative in public, or dress how they like.
thousands of people on a pilgrimage in Mecca
Religion is one of the most important factors for residents of Saudi Arabia. During the Hajj pilgrimage, Mecca is visited by a couple of million people every year

Significant cultural differences

Saudi Arabia is deeply influenced by Muslim heritage and Bedouin tradition. The highlight of the year is the holy month of Ramadan and the pilgrimage season, with more holidays to follow. You will be experiencing the generosity and hospitality of its residents in the most amazing ways. The thing you should have in mind is, this culture is based on some strong religious roots. Act respectively towards residents customs and you will definitely fall in love with the country. Familiarizing yourself with local customs in advance will help you organize a business move and be more successful with your foreign business partners.

Dust storms and light clothing

You can forget about perfect Florida sunny afternoons on the beach, and prepare for a harsh environment and extreme desert temperatures. The average high temperature in August is 110.5 °F! And don’t be surprised by dust storms with very low visibility. But all this is to expect when we are talking about desert oasis weather.

Islamic architecture of Medina with a lot of tourists passing
Medina has some of the most breathtaking architectural achievements of the Middle East

Whatever the reason for your move might be, you will need reliable partners when relocating. If you need custom brokers, freight forwarding, or warehousing, our friends from can help you with that. As pioneers for international Saudi Arabia move, the Four Wind will make sure all of your personal or business transfers are in safe, professional hands.

Despite extreme conservatism, this country has managed to progress greatly in the past couple of years. Especially when it comes to the economy, education, real estate, and business. When leaving Florida for Saudi Arabia, have in mind that you will be sacrificing a lot. Then again, you will be experiencing a new exciting culture with plenty of business opportunities.