Tips for packing your shoes and jackets for a move

Clothes and shoes ready for packing

Packing your belongings for a move is a time-consuming, tiring and tedious process. It is time-consuming but also an important task that has to be right. Packing your shoes and jackets is important to keep them safe during the move. Adequate packing will protect them especially when it comes to moving them long distances. To make sure they are packed well you can always turn to professionals. However, if you want to do it yourself then you can use some of the tips for packing your apparel for the move.

Packing – the process

The packing process can be complex. it will depend on many factors. From the number of family members to the amount of stuff you have to pack every packing activity is different. On the other hand, to complete it right it simply demands that certain steps are followed.

Packing clothes is an essential part of Tips for packing your shoes and jackets
Make sure you are well prepared for the packing process

So in short you should:

  • Inventory your belongings – make a list of everything that you have and potentially need to move. Make sure you have a detailed inventory for all family members
  • Declutter – dispose of the items you do not have to move. Shoes and jackets that you do not wear anymore do not have to be moved to save your time and money by getting rid of them
  • Gather adequate moving supplies – buy or salvage cardboard boxes filling material, old newspapers, tape, etc.
  • Be thorough – go room by room and pack. Also, improvise to save time and money.

There are many aspects of packing to go through. However, when it comes to tips for packing your shoes and jackets there are a few tips to consider.

A woman packing your shoes and jackets in a suitcase.
Packing shoes is easy if you prepare and know how to do it


You should always keep your shoes separate when packing. The first reason is to keep your other clothing clean. Make sure you fill the shoes with filling or newspapers to protect them from bending. Also, protect them by packing them in their original boxes.

Also, group them and pack them together in bigger boxes for safe and easier transport. Keep in mind that shoes can get very heavy so take that into consideration when packing.

Jackets – clothes

To pack your other clothes and jackets you can use many options. First of all, you can carefully pack them in boxes to protect them during the move. It takes time but provides excellent protection. On the other hand, you can improvise. You can transport your wardrobe in suitcases or in dresser drawers that you can additionally protect.

For hanging clothes and particularly jackets you can use protective bags and a mobile wardrobe that keep them hanging. In this way, your jackets won’t get wrinkled or damaged during the move. You can rent these wardrobes from many movers.

Packing clothes in a cardboard box
Packing jackets is the same as packing other clothes, do it with care but be free to improvise

In addition, you can improvise completely and use garbage bags to simply pack hanging jackets together for the move. In his way, you effectively do not pack jackets at all just move them as they are. Just keep in mind that this way of moving is only for short-distance moves to the next block or similar. Packing your belongings is an important job that has to be done right. packing will ensure their safety and protection during the move. This is why there are many tutorials, hacks and tips for packing your shoes and jackets. Do not neglect the packing process because you may regret that decision.