Tips for staging your home for a virtual tour

Living Room Chair Sofa - Staging your home for a virtual tour

Virtual tours aren’t new. But, the health crisis transformed them into an absolute necessity because it’s a great way for prospective buyers to get a look inside your property. So, you’ll want to make sure your property is in the best shape possible. A virtual tour doesn’t leave much room to hide, so you must take the right steps to stage the home. Here are tips for staging your home for a virtual tour.

Clean your home

In a virtual tour, potential buyers can freeze any frame in the home and stare at it for as long as they want. So, don’t ruin a virtual tour with a messy and stuffed home. That means you must clean your property. You can even use tips on how to clean a house before moving out. Spiff up the place just like you would for any other showing.

Home Empty Clean - Tips for staging your home for a virtual tour
Make sure your home is clean. It’s one of the most important tips for staging your home for a virtual tour.


Get rid of any clutter because it can be distracting to buyers and suggest that there isn’t enough storage space. Also, be selective about what décor you keep and eliminate personalized items or pieces. You can consider renting a storage unit to put aside unnecessary household items. Reduce the clutter as much as possible and emphasize clean lines and orderly spaces to show your home better. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom because these places should be left as clean as possible. 

Staging your home for a virtual tour – Check lights and electronics 

The next tip is checking off all the lights in your home. Replace any burned-out bulb or a flickering fixture. Also, make sure you inspect closets and outdoor lights. Lighting helps create an attractive interior that’s ready for the cameras. So, ensure your home looks its best with the appropriate lighting. Moreover, if your electronics set the mood of rooms, ensure they’re working correctly. Also, make sure color settings are set so that a camera can pick it up without distorting it. 

Tips for staging your home for a virtual tour – Stage appropriately

If it’s within your budget, consider redecorating the home to make it more universally appealing. Get rid of large, bulky furniture and replace it with those that take up less space. You can hire Chico Moving to help you take away those big furniture pieces. This is a common trick that realtors use to make the property look bigger. Next, think about accenting walls and making your home look neutral and appealing.

Staging Home
Stage home appropriately for a virtual tour.

Highlight outdoor spaces

Regardless of where you live, outdoor spaces are a huge selling point. So, no matter if you have a fenced backyard or an elegant summer kitchen and outdoor dining room, make your outdoor space look its best. It is one of the best home staging hacks. Therefore, take the time to stage the exterior, mow the yard, and update the outdoor furniture. Do all you can to make the exterior look inviting and appealing.

Staging your home for a virtual tour – In conclusion 

Consider hiring a realtor you trust who can ensure all the final touches look perfect. Sometimes this expert opinion is the most helpful thing to sell your home. If you do all these tips for staging your home for a virtual tour, you’ll be on your way toward selling your home quickly.