Why to move in Miami

To begin, I would like to state that these 5 reasons apply to a certain group of people. Now, I can’t really promise that you’ll find yourself in all 5, but what I can promise is that you will definitely find some that apply to you, no matter who you are. So stay tuned, and enjoy the ride!

Before we begin with the actual 5 reasons to move to Miami, I’d like to give a word or two introduction about it. If you’re the type of person who has never set a foot in this gorgeous coastal city in Florida, be prepared to be blown away by the sight you’ll get to experience. In case you’ve been lucky enough to visit the place, you already know what I’m talking about. For a lot of popular destinations – such as Miami – it is said that there is something for everyone, luckily in Miami, there are multiple somethings for everyone! What makes Miami so special is that perfect balance between the everyday, busy life, and the relaxing nightlife. There is even some Cuban influence, which you’ll notice by the signature cigars, and even in your local cafés. Without any further ado, I’d like to begin with top 5 reasons to move to Miami.

  1. History of Miami

The history of this great place begins similarly to many other cities. At first, it was occupied by the Natives, when the Spaniards came and brought new religion, culture and customs with them. Overnight, this city expanded, and due to its great resources, location and potential. Right away it became kind of like a getaway place for the upper class. What is so peculiar about this place is that, during the World War II, Miami’s economy actually got stabilized, due to the military trainings which were held here. A bit later, during the Cuban revolution, a lot of locals from there came to Miami and brought some of the amazing cultural aspects with them, which you can still fully enjoy. I mean, have you tried the Cubano sandwiches? Going from there, Miami continued to greatly expand, and it’s safe to say that it is now a place with an enormous diversity. As an added bonus, it was a home to none other than Walt Disney!


  1. Getting Around in Miami

For all of you busy people out there, getting around will not be an issue. Miami has a great transportation system, with multiple choices, even for the disabled. You are free to take your pick between the following:
–      Metro Bus, which is not only well connect throughout the whole Miami, but is also      connected to some of the Keys (small islands at the most southern part of Florida)

  • Metro Rail is a perfect choice to get to the airport, or just use a connection between the stops.
  • Metro Mover is a free transportation, well connected to some of the bigger locations, such as Miami-Dade College and Bayside Market Arena.
  • Walking, cycling or any other kind of on-foot activity, if you feel like enjoying the view, fresh and warm air while commuting.


  1. Sports Culture in Miami

If you’re by any chance a passionate sports lover, this is another great reason for considering Miami. When it comes to major sports leagues, there are several and they include all your favorite sports, so I’ll feel free to name a few.

  • Miami Marlins are a major Baseball team,
  • Miami Heat is a basketball team I’m sure you’ve heard of,
  • And for those who prefer good ol’ football, Miami is a home to Miami Dolphins.

Besides these ones, there are major leagues in Hockey, as well as professional Tennis tournaments and some of the most amazing golf courts you’ll ever encounter. If this doesn’t have you thinking how to spend your next Sunday morning, well I quite honestly don’t know what will.

  1. Art and Culture

There is one highly valued thing that separates Miami from the rest: Art Basel. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, this showcase is organized in different stages, where you have the opportunity to be the first to look at some new and inspiring artwork from young, emerging artists. Besides this, relocating to Miami will make possible for you to experience a variety of local dance companies, with all kinds of dance, broad musical scene, groundbreaking museums filled with a broad spectrum of exhibitions, theaters which sometimes have tours from Broadway, and many, many more.


  1. Cuisine

When it comes to Magic City’s cuisine, think meat, flavors, and spices. Because that’s exactly what you’ll experience, and trust me, come back for seconds. From the previously mentioned Cuban sandwiches – which are a product of years and years of collaboration between people from Cuba and Miami – all the way to the Empanadas, Fritas, Ceviche and one and only – Key Lime Pie! As you can see, Miami is an incredible adventure not only for you, but for your taste buds as well. So be nice, and indulge them. You sure will fall in love with it once you grab a bite, after a night out with friends, at some of the incredible clubs Miami has to offer.



Congratulations, you have reached the crucial point of this article. And that is the time when you’re supposed to do your part of the research, and decide if this is a good fit for you. Of course, there are many other things I could go on about for hours – such as the exclusive clubs with the different types of music to soothe even the most restless soul, or some of the amazing beaches you’ve seen in the movies and could visit daily, or just mention how affordable good housing is – but none of those things are relevant unless you decide that moving to Miami is a great option. In case you do, I’d be more than happy to write about all the little nooks and crannies you need! Good luck, and good planning!