Unpacking course: what should go first and what people forget during the process

A woman celebrating the successful unpacking process after finishing our unpacking course

Packing and unpacking are boring chores let’s be honest. There should be something like an unpacking course. Many people actually find it overwhelming and hire professional movers to help out with those chores.

Unpacking course

In order to unpack easily, you need to pack smart and label all the boxes. Unpacking random boxes and searching for the right one is useless wasting of your time. So while you are packing make notes and label each box. That way you will be able to unpack easily.

What to unpack first?

It might be best to unpack all breakable items first. They are the problematic ones. After that, it will be best to unpack room by room. You will feel better when you know you are done with this room for example living room and then you can start the kitchen.

If you work as a team this process will take less time.

Additional help

Sometimes it’s hard to do everything on your own. Especially when you have kids to take care of or the elderly etc. That’s why many movers offer additional services like packing, senior relocation, vehicle relocation, climate-controlled storage for renting in case you need one, etc. It’s important to know there are always people who can help you out.

A couple before starting unpacking at a new home.
Movers can do this chore for you if you cant. Don’t be shy, ask for help if you need it. They are just one phone call away.

Don’t forget

Don’t forget about your “for the road” bag. The one where all the food and spare clothes were. People usually forget about that one since it’s not in the moving box and then the food spoils and everything becomes gross. So start with this bag. Also, it’s important to recycle even now so don’t just throw your used moving boxes recycle them. That goes for everything, we should always mind those things.

How much time do I need to unpack?

This is something that no unpacking course can answer. This depends on how many household items you have. Also if you have babies and toddlers to take care of during the process it will take longer. But commit to this task or ask local movers to help you out with unpacking so you can start as soon as possible your new life in your new home.

When you are done

After you are done with all that unpacking and cleaning afterward you can start with more fun things like decorating or even remodeling. Hopefully, this will be your new home for many years to come and you need to sort everything the way you feel most comfortable. That’s why it’s important to finish with unpacking as soon as possible. You don’t want those ugly boxes laying around for weeks or months. They will only irritate you. So after you are done with this article and you know how to do this like a pro you can also help others when they are in the same position.