What to throw away before moving

a broken wagon

It’s time to move. It is necessary to prepare everything, pack up, take care to avoid damage and then move all of that, unpack and arrange in a new place of residence. Too much! Moving is difficult in any case, and when you are packing, transferring, loading, unloading, carrying, and arranging in a new apartment the things you do not need and you will never need or use again, it’s just too much. If it’s time to move, then it’s time to decide what to throw away before moving. Sometimes it is not an easy task, but the time comes when we have to give up things that we will never need.

What to keep

It’s best to start with the things you want to keep. Things you need and without which you cannot imagine a further life and without which you cannot function normally. So, the essential things. These are important documents of different purposes (personal documents, financial, tax). Also, you need your valuables, whether material or personal that bring memories of some beautiful moments. Keep your photos, CD-s, DVD-s, memory cards, jewelry something that your family kept for generations and similar things.

What to throw away before moving – a dilemma

There will certainly be surprises, because, for some of the things that we thought were irreplaceable in our lives, suddenly can appear the question – why am I keeping this? Some decisions will not be easy. Thus, start with the things that nobody in your family needs or uses anymore and throw them away. Then, deal with minor dilemmas, think about how often you use certain items and make a decision. In the end, the most difficult decisions remain. Most often, some things are hard to give up. But it is almost certain that they will be considered unnecessary the next time you decide to relocate.

an old chair as an example of what to throw away before moving

Sometimes it may be difficult to decide which items to part with before relocation.

Throw away unnecessary things before moving

Sometimes the connection with things that do not have any value makes us not to forget something or gives us some strange security or hope. This is most often completely irrational and has no foundation. However, people are often irrational and often declare some things sacred. Thus, act properly. Be free to throw away unnecessary things and eliminate this irrational attachment. When you move and discard these unnecessary things, you will reduce the hard work, but also the costs. Undoubtedly, getting rid of unnecessary things will be beneficial for your move.

What to throw away before moving – a closer look

There must be a fair amount of things to throw away before moving. A simple glance into the dressing room, at the part with shoes, the home pharmacy, toys, the garage or attic will show you how many unnecessary things there are. Firstly, they will probably all seem necessary, but still… think about it again. Old-fashioned or worn out clothes, shoes that you cannot even imagine putting on, countless parts of children’s toys and so on. No one can describe entering a garage or attic in general, because every attic or garage is a story for itself. But in this story, there are certainly many things that have gone halfway to the trash bin.

What to throw away before moving – or there is an alternative?

The question is what to do with the things that we have realized we no longer need. There are some solutions. Donation to a humanitarian organization is a very good idea. And this is the most beautiful feeling when we give something to someone and we do not expect anything in return. You can leave some items to a future tenant, for example. Maybe he/she moves into an empty residence and gets struck by surprise when they find several gadgets you have left in the residence (AC, part of the lighting or so). Nevertheless, the garage sale can be organized. In the end, you will throw away only those items nobody can use anymore.

a broken teapot

Donate, sell or throw away the items you don’t need anymore.

Plan and organization

Certainly, the organization and plan are necessary for every serious job and also for moving, which is a very serious and difficult job. Depending on when you have to move, take significant time for planning. In every business, even in this, planning saves half time if compared to a job that works without a plan. Create the checklist and keep it constantly in the view.

A “what to do” list

Create a “what to do” list that will include the following:

  • Engage a reliable moving company like the one you can find at asmoothmoveaz.com.
  • Specify the date to move.
  • Determine the time when the moving company arrives.
  • Check the weather forecast for the moving day.
  • Decide, if you have not already, what you will throw away before moving.
  • Prepare items of value, material or sentimental, (protect them from moisture and damage).
  • Pack everything in the boxes.
Broken glasses

Make sure your items don’t get damaged during the moving preparations.

It is time to go

Okay, we’ve prepared all. The moving company has come, it’s time to go. If it turns out you cannot move in but you still need to move out from your current home, renting appropriate storage is a good solution. Reliable moving companies offer storage units among other services, so this is yet another thing to pay attention to when moving.

It is time to finish

So when unnecessary things are dismissed, then comes easier packing, space-saving, time savings, and, of course, saving money during this move. Nervousness, because of the excess of unnecessary things, is eliminated. When the packing starts, the question of the necessary and unnecessary things is not an option. Simply, no one thinks about it anymore. When you know what to throw away before moving, packing is never a problem. You can concentrate on other aspects of your move and hopefully have a problem-free relocation.