Who we are



Who manages Miami Real Estate Discoverer?

Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman, that is what everybody knows, or has heard about at least once in life, but who stands behind successful Miami Real Estate Discovery? We are the answer to that – MIAMI REAL ESTATE DISCOVERER! Our platform is managed and driven by the best people in this kind of business. The employees come from all sorts of activities, at least somehow connected to real estate business. They come from real estate business, moving business, tourism, all fields of housing economics etc. That is the reason why we claim to be one of the best in our field of business.

How Miami Real Estate Discoverer does the job?

Our moto is that every person should do the part of the job where he or she scores the best results. That is why Miami Real Estate Discoverer has such heterogenous team, connected through the business core competencies, forming a unique and unbeatable machinery able to solve every problem that might appear on the way.Real estate agents employed in Miami Real Estate Discoverer help people in the field of finding the perfect home, based on their requirements in terms of size of home, environment etc, with maximum of commitment, so the customers have almost no feeling that they are going through one of the most complicated processes in their life. Moving business experts here in Miami Real Estate Discoverer help people move to their new home, avoiding all the stress so common for relocating from one place to another. Housing economics experts from Miami Real Estate Discoverer use their expertise to help people, when they have already picked a location and a real estate, by giving them quality advice how to make their home practically useful, and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Tourism experts at Miami Real Estate Discoverer help people by their experience in traveling, by giving advice how to pick home so their travel to the new home would be the travel for pleasure for the rest of life.

What can you expect from Miami Real Estate Discoverer?

We will constantly inform you about the changes in Miami real estate field. You will be informed about rising or falling demand, changes in supply, growing and falling prices etc. Also, what you will be able to get to know while exploring our website is the characteristics of different parts of Miami, from different aspects: the nature, traffic, crime rate, quality of schools, places to go out and plenty
more. So, being that you look for real estate in Miami, or you want to sell it, or you are potentially considering to relocate, and then look for real estate here in Miami, Miami Real Estate Discoverer platform is just the right place for you!

What is the PIT system of a value of Miami Real Estate Discoverer?

Without the moving idea for the business, also known as the moto, and well-established system of value- no company has a chance of succeeding at what they do. That is because, by establishing both of aforementioned, one company creates a vision of where they want to be, what needs to be done to get there, and how to do that. Therefore, being that we realised that a long time ago, here is the list of
our core values:

  • Professionalism- Miami Real Estate Discoverer managers demand from the employees to treat every single client using the same strong motivation, with the focus on their needs and preparedness to change the approach if the need arises.

  • Innovation- One solution to the problem may give us the best results at the moment, but, as the problems constantly change worldwide, the solutions to them must be improved and innovated all the time, so the customer feels the same amount of satisfaction with what Miami Real Estate Discoverer do through different periods of time. Becoming the best at something is difficult, but remaining the
    best, and among the best, takes a lot more!

  • Team spirit- There is a chance that one member of the Miami Real Estate Discoverer team is more talented, more intelligent or better worker than another member of the group, but there is a certainty that the group always has a better chance of finding better solution for the problem, solving the problem faster and with more quality than one single member of the team.

We call these values PIT, by starting letters of each. That is why in Miami Real Estate Discoverer the managers often say: We have to respect the PIT in order not to fall into the pit(abyss).