Why are Miami retirees moving to Idaho and where are they moving to

Miami retirees moving to Idaho

Moving after retiring is very common. A lot of people want to change their environment as living in one place can be quite monotonous. No matter where you live, after years ad years of being there, you just get used to your surroundings. This is why people move after retirement to another state. And Miami retirees are moving to Idaho mostly. There are plenty of reasons to move to Idaho after retiring and we are here to tell you some of them as well as give you a few suggestions on where you should be moving to. This is an amazing state to live in, especially during your retirement days. No wonder why there are so many Miami retirees moving to Idaho.


One of the most important things to pay attention to when searching for a new place to call home is safety. You want to live in an environment where you don’t have to worry much. And this is exactly what Idaho offers – living in a safe environment. Safety is why a lot of people are moving out of Florida after retirement. There are plenty of safe cities in Idaho and one of them is Kuna.

Idaho is a state with dozens of amazing safe cities to choose from. Boise and Kuna are just two of them.

Kuna is an amazing town where a lot of Miami retirees are moving to. There are plenty of beautiful homes to be found here and the town is perfect for a person who is in retirement as there are plenty of things you can do. Moving to Kuna is a great idea and you can seek professionals in the neighborhood to relocate you if the need to do so emerges.

Affordable housing

The second reason why there are so many Miami retirees moving to Idaho is the fact that the housing is very affordable in Idaho when compared to Miami. Miami isn’t as expensive as it could be but Idaho is much cheaper. This is what a lot of elderly people seek.

Farm in Idaho.
Living in a rural area is the best solution for retirees if they want to live stress-free and in a safe and healthy environment.

And one of the towns where housing is affordable and where Miami retirees are often moving to is Caldwell. Living in Caldwell is amazing. There are a lot of retiree-friendly activities to do and places to be. Homes in Caldwell are amazing as well. You can either rent or purchase one. No matter what the case is, you can easily move as locals are ready to assist you.

Idaho is an affordable state

One of the most important things for retirees is to live in an affordable place, not just a safe place. Retirees most often don’t earn a lot of money which is why affordability is a big requirement. And this is exactly what Idaho offers. Not only is housing affordable but so is everything else. This is what attracts Miami retirees to Idaho. But have in mind that there are plenty of cozy cities in Florida to move to as well if you are scared of interstate relocation. But there is no need to be as professional movers can assist you with this task.