Why is East Coast a place to be if you are an architect

The beautiful houses are the reasons why East Coast a place to be if you are an architect.

From the styles of American colonial architecture to the skyscrapers of New York City it truly is no wonder how is East Coast a place to be if you are an architect. East Coast is also known for other things, such as beaches, nature, its history, people… But the thing is that so many beautiful places of architectural wonders from the colonial times to modern times are preserved because they are too valuable to be forgotten.

Facts about the East Coast

East Coast in the short term for the Eastern portions of the Atlantic coastline of the United States of America. States that make it are – Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and not to forget, Maine. The term excludes states that have access to the Mexican Bay, like Texas, Louisiana, etc. The region has nearly 120 million people, making it the hub of the United States of America.

History of the East Coast

It has been historically the most important for its sole creation. As the 13 colonies were made out of this region. Throughout this region, different countries have set their flags, like the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, the United Kingdom, etc. Many of these nations had their own architecture that they have left here. Which is one of the reasons why is East Coast a place to be if you are an architect. That cultural and architectural mix has been carefully preserved when these territories were annexed by the newly created nation of the United States of America. One of the examples is colonial Spanish architecture in the south of the region. It is not far from the world-famous beaches, which is one of the reasons why so many people move from California to South Florida. Modernistic wonders of architecture from the 20th and 21st centuries can be found north.

Annapolis. One of the reasons why is East Coast a place to be if you are an architect.
Annapolis is Maryland. One of the beautiful colonial sites and reasons why is the East Coast a place to be if you are an architect.

Moving to East Coast – satisfying your architectural dreams

If, as an architect, you ever wondered to move to someplace where you could live your dreams. And aspirations of being among many wonders of architecture, then East Coast is just the place for you. East Coast, as stated, is also a hub of the United States of America, so it is no longer a complicated task. It is not hard to move here anymore, especially if it’s interstate moving.

Architecture planning.
Being an architect involves a lot of effort and architectural sightseeing. Moving to East Coast crosses the latter from the list.

What the East Coast offers

East Coast has much to offer. All the way from Maine to Florida. It is typical and normal for an architect to ask her/himself just why is East Coast a place to be if you are an architect. From the calm life of the peripheral countryside to big cities, it just used to and still has it all. Careers are built here of many large business owners, lives of many historical icons have been made here, huge families built… History’s recipes are the ones to follow, that is why so many families move here, especially to Miami, Florida. There the weather is good, the beaches are one of the most famous in the world and the people are open. That is why, for example, many people think of buying a multifamily home in Miami, and their thoughts are now not hard to fulfill.

Architectural styles of the East Coast

Here is a list of the best-looking wonders of architecture on the East Coast:

  • George Washington’s birthplace house, Westmoreland County, Virginia. Might just seem to an ordinary person as a nice place, with nice houses. But one of those houses, especially the way that has been cared for, is to the Americans one of the pilgrimage sites. Westmoreland County is the location of George Washington’s birthplace. Nearly the entire country has been preserved for every visitor or potential new neighbor to feel like it is from those times of the first President.
  • Scope Arena, Norfolk, Virginia. Something more modern, but staying in the same state. That is what the East Coast offers. Scope Arena is looking amazing, so modern – but from the 70s, so local – but it is also a world recorder. It’s reinforced thin-shell concrete dome is the biggest in the world. Also, if you are considering moving to the East Coast for the first time, it is always useful to know a couple of tips for first-time movers, just to give you a good start.
  • Hyatt Regency, Atlanta, Georgia. One of the best looking hotels and one of the wonders built by John Portman. Its futuristic style is by many caught the eyes of the directors of the Star Wars. It is exclusive, so elegant, and classy. He designed it to amaze the people who enter with elegance on every one of the 22 floors it has. Enter it, and you will realize just why is the East Coast a place to be if you are an architect. Many writers and journalists wrote about the effects it leaves on people when they enter this hotel.
  • Empire State Building, NYC (Manhattan), New York. Just seeing this building and knowing that it has been the world’s tallest for more than 40 years is surreal. Even being near this building gives a feel of being a center of the world. No architectural list could go on without this building, as it is basically an icon of New York City. It is something similar to what The Eiffel Tower is to Paris, or the Kremlin to Moscow.
Manhattan, a hub of modern world architecture.
Manhattan with the Empire State Building.


So for everyone who wondered why is East Coast a place to be if you are an architect we hope that these are good answers. Moving to the East Coast is just one of the great decisions in life. Thought of by many people, and those who reach and take this opportunity will appreciate it.